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WET Video Game for Xbox 360 and PS3

Updated on September 16, 2009

Bethesda has created some extremely popular games, and we are still feeling the fallout from Fallout 3.  I had a chance to visit their booth at the Penny Arcade Expo, and for some reason, I was completely unimpressed by Brink, a game that they were attempting to put in the spotlight with a presentation on a very big screen. 

It was a game simply known as WET that caught my attention.  I couldn’t understand why the game was called that, but one of the developers told me that it had to do with some sort of secret black ops lingo for “wetworks”.  Wetworks is when someone gets their hands wet with blood while doing a job.  Yes, there is a lot of blood in this M rated game. 

The storyline has to do with the main character Rubi Malone trying to find the man who left her for dead.  Her journey takes her from London to Hong Kong, and what follows is a violent battle that is fit for the Grindhouse

The game decided not to hold back on that look from Tarantino and Rodriguez, and game’s graphics even have a style that looks like a film that has been run through a movie projector a few hundred times.  I guess playing a video game with high definition video isn’t all that it has cracked up to be. 

There is a lot of fascinating gameplay in WET that involves a Samurai sword (think Kill Bill) and two guns (think John Woo).  The most interesting aspect of WET is that it is the only game I know where a character can shoot two different targets with their twin guns.  In most games, such as the Tomb Raider series, the character just shoots one target with both guns, which is rather inefficient.  In WET, you can target an enemy while your are shooting another.  It is something that will probably take a while to get used to, but it is unique to say the least. 

Rubi Malone can also do some very interesting maneuvers like shooting at a target who stands behind her, going backwards down a ladder and shooting, as well as some very complex gymastics.  There are times in which time seems to slow down so she can actually do more damage with these special moves than she ever could just running and shooting. 

In short, WET is a ballet of violence that is not afraid to be different.  It’s hard to believe that Activision passed on this particular game.  I guess they thought the money would be better invested in a Guitar Hero game, or something. 

Not being content with having a cool game, WET sprung for some Hollywood vocal talent including Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse) as Rubi Malone, Malcolm McDowell (Heroes) as a crime lord, and Alan Cumming (X2’s Nightcrawler and Spy Kids’ Floop) as another villain named Christopher Sorrell. 

This game is available now for Xbox 360 and the PS3.  Check it out, and have a blast. 


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