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WOW Tips: Quick Alliance Travel to Tanaris, Gagetzan

Updated on July 10, 2008

Be there faster

Most Alliance players travel to Gadgetzan from Darnassus Flight Path. This habit take about ten minuters of your time if you're in a hurry to join a group running a Zul'Farak instance.

First thing first is to reach Gagetzan by foot with the flight path from Theramore Isle, unlock the flight path at Gadgetzan. This can achive at lvl 40 or higher if solo or lower if you are in a group to escort you.

Ones you unlock the flight path the quikest route to go there is.

Reach Menethil Harbor and take a boat to Theramore Isle: By Stormwind to going to Ironforge using Deepram Tram and flight path to Menethil Harbor. Or Flight Path from Darnassus to Darkshore. And from there boat to Menethil Harbor.

Now since you unlock both Theramore Isle's and Gatgetzan's Flight Path, you can start flying from isle to the goblin city in a short time.

Warning: Not responsible for being late for instance or boat for leaving just as you arrived.

Have Fun Playing


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      Jarrett 6 years ago

      From stormwind how do u get to tanaris or however its spelled. or i request information on training at lvl 58. where do i go. dungeons arnt enough. Please respond email (