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WWE Supercard - Best way to rank up

Updated on September 28, 2014

WWE Supercard is an addictive new card game released by 2K Games, featuring a large amount of WWE Superstars/Legends, in a card format.

To play WWE Supercard matches, all you have to do is choose a card according to the skill that appears on the screen, there are 4 skills in total that the game could ask you to pick from, Power, Toughness, Speed & Charisma, you may get just one of these, or you may get two, along with either one Superstar, two, or a Diva. Each game in WWE Supercard is a best of three.

The more you play the game the more cards you'll accumulate, once you've trained your cards with other cards, they'll become better and have higher stats, and if you get a second version of that card, you can 'Pro' it, to get even better stats on it, to do this: Make sure Both cards are trained to their maximum level, then Combine them, and train the Pro version to it's max level to get the full bonus.

Now on to the gamemodes currently available in WWE Supercard, there are currently two available:


King of the Ring

We'll start with the Exhibition Gamemode: In Exhibition, you start off by selecting your 4 Superstar cards, your Diva Card, and your 2 Boosts. Next, you look at the 4 opponents available to fight, and pick one, once you're in the game, simply pick the card with the best stats according to what appears on the screen, once either you or your opponent has won/lost, the game will take you to a board filled with cards, if you win the Exhibition match, you can pick two cards, and if you lose, you can pick one. Cards are used for training your best cards, or for using better cards in your Deck. Every Exhibition Cardboard has either a Rare card (Or higher, depending on your Tier) or a King of the Ring Boost in it, and once you get the card, the board will reset.

Exhibition mode is good for getting cards to train your better cards with, or for trying to farm Energy/Boosts for the King of the Ring gamemode, but the further up the Tiers you go, the harder and more unlikely it is to be able to get the best cards, which is where King of the Ring comes in to the equation.

King of the Ring is the next Gamemode in WWE Supercard, in King of the Ring, you have to pick: A Tag Team, 2 Solo cards, a Diva, and 2 Support Cards, along with 4 more Superstars/One Diva on the bench, and 2 more support cards, in King of the Ring, you play 45 games, with an hour in-between each game, and after the 45 games are complete, the top 8 players go through to the Championship Bracket, and everyone else goes out, and gets a card for their effort. The rewards in the Championship Bracket are obviously much better than not qualifying, and the Winner will take home a Pair of whatever Tier they're in, along with a support card, with second place taking home a Pair also, with the other Championship Bracket rewards being a card of what Tier you're in, instead of two, this helps a lot as it can help you either get a card and Pro it, or get a card that will help you progress through the tiers, which are as follows:


Rare +

Rare ++

Super Rare

Super Rare +

Super Rare ++

Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare +

Ultra Rare ++


Epic +

Epic ++


Legendary +

Legendary ++

Note: When you enter each new Tier, you will get a 'freebie' card, which is basically a card of that Tier, so when you jump from Rare to Super Rare, you will get a Super Rare card, etc. This only applies to jumping up tiers, not going from "+" to "++".

In King of the Ring, every match takes up Energy on the Superstar Cards, so you will have to check and recharge them every now and then, energy cards are available from the Exhibition Board, and you can have a maximum of 5.

Summing up, to start with Exhibition is the best way to get cards until you can get a deck fixed with decent enough cards for your own Tier, then go for King of the Ring to get new cards or potentially even Pro Cards.


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