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WWE Supercard - How to Fully Level Season 2 Cards

Updated on August 25, 2015

WWE Supercard

If you're a regular WWE Supercard player, like I am, and have played the game in the past week or so, you'll have noticed the latest update to the game, called Season 2.

Depending on the rarity of the card, a different number of tokens are available to use on that card every 5 levels. These tokens can be used on any skill of the card, or the Special Ability if you'd like, a maximum of three tokens are allowed to be used on each individual skill.

Another addition to the Season 2 cards, is that once you have played a certain amount of matches with a specific stat on that card (Power, Toughness, Speed, Charisma, or the Special Ability) you will get a boost in whichever stat you have played the required amount of games in. As you can see in the pictures below, as I have played more than 20 games in all areas of my Sting Card, I have got a +8 boost to all stats, but because I have only played 12 games with the Ability activating, I only have a +4 bonus in that.

Based on this, the new best way to level up a card, is to get it to it's maximum level, use all of the tokens on whichever stat(s) you feel best suits you, and make sure all of the other bonuses should be achieved, by playing the required amount of games, once you have achieved all of these things, the card will be fully levelled, and ready to use, or combined with another identical card, to make the Pro!


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