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WWE Supercard Online Game Tips and Tricks

Updated on December 3, 2014

Basic Match Formats and Beginner Tips

WWE Supercard comes down to 2 match formats, Exhibition and King of the Ring

Exhibition - You'll spend the bulk of your time in Exhibition mode. Basically you take your supercard team head-to-head against a competitor. All you can see when choosing your opponent is his/her record and their designated champion card. The first and most important tip when playing this game is play the weakest opponent possible. You can basically disregard the champion card, so focus on an opponent that hasn't played many matches, or with a low winning percentage. For example, I'd rather play someone that has a record of 10-5 than someone who is 20-20.

At the end of the matches, you'll have an opportunity to draw another card (if you lose) or two cards (if you win). The more cards you draw, the more likely you are to find a more powerful wrestler, a more useful power-up, or a bonus to use during King of the Ring.

The actual gameplay in Exhibition comes down to 3 matches. You'll be faced with other a Solo match, a tag team match, or a Diva match. Solo matches force you to pick your top player in a specific attribute or 2 (Toughness, Speed, Power, or Charisma). Tag team matches are similar but allow you to pick 2 characters. And Diva matches are Solo matches that force you to use your Diva supercard.

For each match, you only have to be superior in the featured attribute or two to win the match. So if you have a Solo match based on Toughness, you're better off with Andre the Giant than Rey Mysterio, Jr. So even if your opponent is superior in every other category, as long as you have more toughness, you'll win.

In the case that your results are tied after 3 matches, then you go into a 4th match with your 1 remaining card to decide the winner of the series.

King of the Ring - King of the Ring is basically a more hands-off management simulation game. You choose a team of supercards with power-ups that are locked into a King of the Ring tournament with other players. About once an hour, your players will go head to head with another player until the tournament is over. Your job is to check in after every match to swap in fresh players or use bonuses to re-charge or upgrade your King of the Ring players. Because this team is locked into King of the Ring, and the tournament can last days, you'll want to choose your team carefully and put your best foot forward. The rewards for King of the Ring are generally higher powered cards than you'll find with Exhibition but only the top players get decent rewards.

WWE Supercard Game -- Another Card Game

There's a real dichotomy with WWE Supercard -- at first it just looks like one of the myriad sci-fi or fantasy based card games that are available on IOS or Android, but then this is for wrestling maniacs like my former self. So how does that mesh?

In a nutshell, you start with a pack of WWE stars like Virgil, Natalya, and other D-level castmates and work your way through exhibition matches and King of the Ring tournaments to unleash well known superstars like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Vince McMahon, and Diesel. You may even end up getting these stars early on in the game, but only to find out that you get progressively stronger versions of these cards with better pictures as you play.

Using Power Ups

Have you ever watched a WWE match and seen it turn because of a steel chair or manager interference? Well, you're in luck because you'll have access to the same tricks of the trade in WWE Supercard.

Going into a match, you're able to equip 2 power ups. These can range in capabilities:

  • Single attribute boost - You can boost 1 attribute before 1 match. For example, a ladder that is +7 to speed.
  • Single attribute penalty - You can lower a competitor's attribute before 1 match. For example, a steel chair that is -5 to toughness.
  • All matches boost - You can get a boost for all your characters in an attribute. For example, a manager that gives you +5 to power for all matches.
  • All attributes boost - Like the single attribute boost, but for all attributes. For example, a card that gives you +9 for all attributes for 1 match.

The important things to remember are that while you will equip 2 power ups, you will actually only be able to use 1 power up during the series. So if you use a single attribute boost in the first match, then you may leave yourself at a disadvantage in the 3rd match.

You'll also notice that you'll see your opponent using the power up for a specific match too, so if they've already used their power up in an earlier match, then you have the advantage in a later match. Especially early on in the gameplay, a boost of 5 to an attribute can make all the difference between victory and defeat so use your power ups wisely!

WWE Supercard

WWE Supercard
WWE Supercard | Source

The Essentials: Card Levels

When starting out in WWE Supercard, you'll see that your cards are very weak, and as you play, you'll unlock higher levels of the same players. Here are the different card levels:

  • Common - These are the bulk of your starting cards, and what you'll see a lot of when drawing cards after exhibition matches. These are weak and will be better used as build blocks later. We'll get to that.
  • Uncommon - Now we're getting a little better. Uncommon cards are green and will generally outclass common cards. There are exceptions (an uncommon Virgil will be weaker than a common The Rock)
  • Rare - Now we're having fun! Rare cards are significantly stronger than Uncommon cards, and you're finally getting into triple digit attribute numbers. The differences in superstars strong in one attribute or another really start to show up.
  • Super Rare - More fun!
  • Ultra Rare - Ultra fun!
  • Epic - OMG!
  • Legendary - I cannot wait to see what these look like!

WWE Supercard Gameplay

Essentials Cont.: Training and Combining

So now that you have the gist of how the game works and the different card levels, let's get into the nitty gritty.

Training - The most common way to improve your characters is by training them. You'll basically take your stronger cards, and then sacrifice weaker cards to make your stronger cards stronger. You'll notice that on your player cards, there will be a current level as well as a maximum level (i.e. 2/20). Training allows you to increase your current level, and you can continue to successfully train your character up to the maximum level. You'll notice when playing opponents with the same card that your level ends up making all the difference. For example, I beat someone with an identical Rare Ultimate Warrior card because my level was 20 and his/her level was 5. The stronger your sacrificial card is, the more your current card will level up. This is where you'll end up using your Common cards.

Combining - When you have 2 identical cards at the same card level (Uncommon Gold Dust for example) then you have the option of combining cards. What this does is that you end up with a Pro level Uncommon Gold Dust with improved basic stats (equivalent to a level 4 or 5) as well as an increased maximum level cap. You'll notice that a Pro Uncommon is still not going to be as strong as a Rare card, but it will fall somewhere in the middle.

One important point when combining cards is that if you are combining cards that have been trained already, you will lose all those training benefits when the player goes Pro. So if you're combining Uncommon Level 1 Gold Dust and Uncommon Level 5 Gold Dust, your result is the same as if both cards were Level 1.

WWE Supercard

5 stars for WWE Supercard

Tips and Tricks

Great so all of the beginner tips are out of the way, and you're ready to learn the tricks of the trade to winning more matches. Keep reading:

  1. Tag match affiliations are crucial - Each card you have will have a blue or yellow sector going in one of the 4 directions that show you how that card will play with another card. For your tag matches, if you have complimenting affiliations, then you get a 10% boost (For example, a blue left arrow and blue right arrow compliment). If you have 2 arrows of the same color, but not complimenting, then you get no bonus. If you have 1 blue and 1 yellow paired together for a tag team match, then you get a 5% penalty on all attributes!
  2. Plan 2 tag teams - Going back to the first point of tag match affiliations, you should be building a squad with 2 tag teams in mind so you don't end up with a tag team that is penalized 5%.
  3. Manage your cards closely - This game is going to be time consuming, and if you're serious about winning, then you'll manage your cards. That means that every handful of matches or so, you'll want to train your starting squad so that they're in tip top shape. You'll also want to go through and combine cards when applicable.
  4. Recharge/Boost King of the Ring cards - Your main task in King of the Ring is to manage your squad since you won't be able to choose who wrestles in which match. Make sure to check in every hour or so to keep your players in top condition.
  5. Don't Forget the Diva - The Diva is not there for eye candy. Almost every match will include a Diva match, so you need to train and/or combine your Diva cards too. And they are eye candy.

King of the Ring

King of the Ring
King of the Ring | Source

Where are you playing WWE Supercard?

Where are you playing WWE Supercard?

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Meet Me In The Ring

Alright, you're all set. I'll see you in the ring!

If you have other tips, let me know and I'll update my list.

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Ultra Rare Card!

Ultra Rare Card!
Ultra Rare Card! | Source


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