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Waapantamwa The Adventure! Minecraft Adventure Map Download

Updated on September 18, 2011

Waapantamwa The Adventure is a minecraft adventure map that requires you to go adventuring on behalf of your fast dwindling and largely unprotected agricultural community. You may not be the hero they deserve, but you are the hero they need, or something like that.

Here's the deal. The word has gone to heck in a handbasket and the only way to protect your village from the marauding bandits who have found the best way to boost revenues is to go about slaughtering people and taking all their stuff, is to find relics hidden in the secret, sacred place known only as Waapantamwa. Hidden in the depths of Waapantamwa are the following powerful relics:

  • The Apple of Immortality
  • The Armor of Invulnerability
  • The Book of Wisdom
  • The Crown of Allure
  • The Sword of Destiny

Find all of these relics and your village will be safe, by merit of your wise invulnerable immortality and whatnot.

Is Waapantamwa The Adventure Fun?

Super fun! It's huge, which is nice, and even if you get lost along the way (which you definitely will on account of how big it is,) there are always new things to find. Aside from the five relics there are a bunch of Easter eggs and other goodies to lift your spirits. I was very impressed with the amount of effort that has gone into the landscaping and overall design of the map, every single path has been carefully laid and the map is choc full of atmospheric touches like signs and the mysterious iron fence towers, which confuse and intrigue. Even if you never find a single relic, you'll still have an awesome time climbing around and exploring the place, which is huge. Did I mention that's it's huge already? It's massive!

Where Are The Notes?

Occasionally, you'll see a sign telling you to read a note. If you look inside the expanded .zip download, you'll find a .txt file labelled 'notes'. Read these as you proceed through the game. The notes provide tips and clues for making your way through Waapantamwa.

Note 1:

After a full week of wandering North of your village past several sets of ruins, you cross a crumbling bridge over a disgustingly fetid lake full of black sludge and garbage and arrive at a the remains of a small town. The sign over the entrance of the town reads "PLEASANT HILLS" in gaudy 1950's print. The town is a rotting husk and you spy behind the town a dried up river and lake cutting across what you guess used to be a forest. It seems an unlikely place for Waapantamwa to be in, but the old billboards that dotted the countryside pointed to this town for the entrance of a place called "Waapantamwa National Park". You might as well look for anything of use in this town.

The Waapantamwa adventure does have the old Minecraft rule that you're not really supposed to break blocks, which I for one, find disappointing. Minecraft is a block breaking game. There is the qualifier in the instructions however 'unless required to do so'. This is the sort of loophole that makes a lawyer cackle in glee. Placing blocks is similarly discouraged, except for on one occasion, where you will be prompted to do so. That means this map is as much an exercise in following rules and doing as you're told as it is anything else.

The extensive Waapantamwa hills are full of magnificent forests which just cry out for flint and steel. (Not that it would do much given how severely fire has been nerfed of late. Long gone are the days where you could clear entire forests with a single judicious spark.)

Is This Adventure Map Compatible With Minecraft 1.8?

Yes, yes it is. It shows up as a 'survival' map, so you can just play it as you would have done before the Adventure update (but with more need to gather food along the way.)

Download Waapantamwa The Adventure Map


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