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WalkThrough Guide and Tips for Chaos Rings 2 of Square Enix 02

Updated on April 1, 2012

After coming back from the dungeon of The Falls of Acheron. Li Hua has joined our team but Marie would be left in her room.

Second Dungeon: Drifting Sorrow

New Monsters in the Drifting Sorrow

Bathyscaphe: A huge Crab Monster, will use a Bubble Shot to deal a 170+ damage to us. Very high defense I use pair attack to kill it.

Yeti: Strong monster with high HP, it has a high attack rate which will deal over 200 damage to us. Skill: Power Clam.

Nebula: Octopus monsters, has two attack skill, one is Mp osmosis which will steal our MP, the other is Cocytus deals 170+ damage.

Legion Caliga: Strong Boss, Lots of HP. Two attack Skills: Invasive Maneuvers deals about 220 damage and Demon Shot deals over 300 damage.

Third Dungeon: The Curfew Tolls

We will team with Araki in this dungeon.

New Monsters in the Curfew Tolls

Adamotu: Plants Monster, Whiplash is its attack skill, and it will recover HP automatically every round.

Scyllis: Red Crab Monster, Scalding Shot which will add a Blaze status to our character, Strong defense, use pair attack to kill it.

Forth Dungeon: Beyond the Rift

New Monsters in the Beyond the Rift

Youze: its skill Sprinter's Breath will increase monster's speed and attack with Gale Gust

Thethys: Fly Insect Monster


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