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Walking Dead Road to Survival Game - Scopely Fails Players Once Again with New Region War Event

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Kayla is an active player of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game for nearly 2 years.


The Concept

When Scopely announced that region wars were coming to the Walking Dead: Road to Survival game players were enthusiastic about the possibilities. There was a lot of talk about how awesome it would turn out. This was going to bring a lot of excitement and entertainment to a game that many were starting to lose interest in.

Playing against the same old players doesn't really require much skill when you know their teams inside and out. Just the thought of having new factions and players to compete against had all the regions buzzing. And there was a lot of speculation about how many players would be allowed to join each war, whether the war times would be shortened or extended. Was it going to be as epic as we all hoped?


The Execution

The answer to that question was quickly answered when region wars finally started. No. The whole thing was a bust! There were quite a few regions that still have a high population of active players that seemed to enjoy the region wars. But when it came to my region (Elbert) the only thing that was epic was how big of a failure it was.

Sometimes in war you have to get used to a little bit of a wait if you are searching during off-peak hours. There have even been times when I have had to wait an hour or so for the start of a war that was over in just a few minutes because of the less than impressive pairing algorithm that RTS utilizes. But, with the waiting times of 12 to 16 hours or more for each faction in our region I doubt anyone will complain about an hour wait again.

The problem is that our region has several active factions that are consistently ready and waiting for a war. We also have several smaller factions that like to get a few wars in during a war weekend. This is usually a good thing when we are simply fighting within our own region. But when we are paired with a region that has only two active factions it is not only disappointing but it pisses everyone off.

This would not have been an issue if we would have gotten the region merges that Scopely has been promising for months. If they would have merged the dying regions before the start of region wars we would have been in a great spot.


Angry Players

This game is a home to many big spenders and most people have invested money at one time or another. It is to be expected that the players are so angry that Scopely has once again failed them.

As an active player of almost two years I am angry that we are once again getting the crap end of the stick from a game that I have invested so much of my time in. I was looking forward to taking part in a war that finally had prizes that I would be interested in. The developers have gotten extremely stingy over the last year and to finally have something to look forward to was great.

But no, we will not have a chance at those amazing prizes. The top 2 prizes are inevitably going to the region we are currently at war with because they only have 2 factions playing and as of the time that I am writing this, they have competed in a total of 23 separate battles. One of them has compete in 15 and the other has done 8. Now keep in mind that they are only fighting against factions of our region. Which means our region has also competed in 23 separate battles. Of course with 17 factions fighting in our region we have only compete in one or two battles each. Being active is key to success in this game but do they really expect us to stay on for 16 hours to wait for a fight?

This is completely ridiculous! This game is going down hill fast. It isn't because people don't want to play it, it is because of the ignorance of the developers and the horrible customer service. And by horrible, I mean really, really, extremely bad customer service. They really are the worst I have ever dealt with in my life. They refuse to help or own up to their flaws. They outright ignore the words that you have written and pretend you are talking about something else all together. And even when there is proof that you they owe you something or that something is not working correctly they respond with their typical "we will forward it on to our team" message and then just ignore you.

All in all, I am surprised they still have any players left.


Region War Review

The region war was a failure, plain and simple. Scopely needs to spend more time on merging regions and paying attention to what the players are saying. They need to work out all the kinks before they start promoting events like region wars that are doomed to fail for a majority of players.

Of course this review probably would have never written if I was in one of those super active regions of big spenders but then again I am not. So here it is, Scopely needs to start paying attention to all of the players and not just the big spenders. Our region has been considered a dying region for well over a year now and we have been waiting for the long promised merge. But now we see that it is not as bad as we thought, at least we are not one of those regions with only 2 active factions.

Scopely needs to step up and fix this. Our players are going to be denied the prizes they would have received if we had more chances to fight. There is no way with 8 player battles that we are going to get all 30 members of all 17 factions points so they can receive a prize. There just aren't enough of the other region for this to happen. Scopely needs to step up and pay out the first prize rewards to each and every active player in our region because it is their failure and not ours.

Scopely Needs to Step Up!

First, they should give all players the top level rewards for once again us with a broken game. It takes 15 hours to get a pair up and everyone is trying their hardest, losing sleep and working double time to try and get everyone points just to receive a prize! And then they should take the steps needed to merge our regions before trying this again. If we can support our opposing teams this way how come the people that take our money can't support us?

I am going to be circulating this article and I hope that all RTS players will help to share it. We need to get as many ratings at the bottom of this page as possible. Then I am going to get the developers attention. I am going to let them know that if they do not make this right. If they do not step up and support their players, the very players that make their paychecks possible. They will see how it feels to lose at their own game.

*** My next article will include instructions of how to process charge backs through your credit and debit card companies. They will include instructions on how to get a refund from each mobile billing company. And I will explain how to prove that Scopely has not held up their end of the deal. I will explain the way for each player to get their money back, legally and in full. They have terms and conditions to protect them, and we have consumer protection laws to protect us, and i know them all!

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