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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: The Facts and Overtime

Updated on September 2, 2011
Coming Full Circle
Coming Full Circle

At last, the conspiracy behind the Outbreak has been revealed and those responsible have been found out. However, Sullivan is the traitor and has escaped with all the evidence to clear your name and expose those truly accountable. Time to hunt him down!

Day 4, After Case 7. The threat of the Firebombing is still hanging over your head. When you enter the Royal Flush Plaza from the Maintenance corridor, you start a small cutscene saying Sullivan has gone ahead. Where you need to go is the Yucatan Casino Rooftop, however you need to get some things before you do so.

Recommended weapons for the fight: 1 x Six-Shooter, 2 x Sniper Rifles. You need to have completed the Psychopath Fight, "WWJWD?" that happens on Day 3, 4:00 AM to get the Six-Shooter, which is possibly the most useful gun in the game. It is located in the South Plaza just before the Fortune City Hotel passed the large statue there, it is resting on a tablesaw. It has 60 bullets and does decent damage.

The Sniper Rifles can be found in the Palisades Mall, 2nd Floor, on the west end. The store's name is "High Noon Shooting Range". They have 20 bullets each, but have a longer interval than most guns.

Make sure you got plenty of food for this fight and save at the Yucatan Casino Restrooms. There is only one elevator to go up, you need to take it. Once you arrive, there is still some ways to go before your boss fight. You can actually Dodge Roll the whole way down the hall to the double doors. Once you open the door, the cutscene begins. Sullivan is waiting at the top of a large scaffold readying to be picked up as Chuck arrives and they have a conversation about how they can justify killing so many. After the argument gets heated, the fight begins.

Go back toward the entrance you came through and hide behind the cover there. Sullivan will remain on top of the scaffold for the duration of the fight. Start off with the Six-Shooter. It is possible to kill him without using the Sniper Rifles, but I like having two in case.

He will attack with his handgun, each bullet does stagger you and breaks your aim, so picking your shot is important. Every time he is hit by about three bullets, he will Dodge Roll, don't shoot while he does so for you'd be wasting ammo. He also throws flares that signals where the AC-130 Gunship is to shoot missiles. Shooting him when he throws the flares or reloading is best. The missiles can leave holes in the floor after impact, which leads to a zombie-ridden area below. Speaking of, zombies also roam the field.

Once he's stopped, Chuck stands on the scaffold and gets knocked off his feet by the gunship as Sullivan recuperates. He takes the dufflebag and the satellite phone as he deploys his Skyhook. After giving a one-liner to Chuck with a smile, Chuck handcuffs his parachute rig to the scaffold. The gunship takes the Skyhook and Sullivan...well, he's half the man he was a second ago. Taking the satellite phone, Chuck calls Rebecca's News Station and gets both the Firebombing to stop and rescue copters to arrive. However...

This Game has gone into Overtime!
This Game has gone into Overtime!

Overtime. Chuck lands with one of the rescue copters, but Stacey and Katey are nowhere to be found. He goes back to the Safe House to find Katey's backpack but no Katey. After the Credits, you get to the chance to save and time wraps to...

Day 5, 2:00 AM. Chuck checks the monitors in the Security Room when TK calls over the transceiver. Thanking him for the Zombrex, TK has captured both Stacey and Katey. In exchange, you have to get some items for TK, which have a special purple icon and use up no inventory space. You start Overtime with all the items you currently have after the Sullivan fight. You have 12 game hours to get all items and enter the double doors in the Arena or Stacey and Katey get eaten by zombies.

Once you leave the Safe House, get some Coffee Creamers(if you need food) from "The Dark Bean". Head back to "Roy's Mart" where you need to get the Lab Suit from behind the counter. Head to the Slot Ranch Casino and make your way to the other side of the Food Court, enter the Underground Tunnels and go down the stairs where the USB Drive is laying on the floor.

Go back up to the Food Court and into the Yucatan Casino, the Mobile Headset is in front of the elevators. Head out to the Silver Strip and enter the tavern, "Pub O' Gold" on the left-hand side to get the Expensive Champagne from the central bar area. Exit the store and continue down the Strip and enter "Hot Excitorama" to use the back entrance to get to the Palisades Mall. Remember that elevator into the secret lab from Case 7? Well, you need to use it.

Once you get into the area, head back to where you fought the four mercs. Go all the way down to your left as far as you can go and head right over the rails. You need to jump over to a standalone platform to get the Case of Queens. Head back the way you came through the "Hot Excitorama" and make your way to the Fortune City Hotel. There behind the reception desk is the Gift Basket. Head back to Fortune Park and enter the Americana Casino through the Platinum Strip. Head to the Security Room of the Casino where you'll find the Compromising Photo. This is the last item you need, now head to the Fortune City Arena. Make sure to stop by the Men's Room to save your game. Before you enter the double doors, get your health to full. If you have mixed yourself up a Painkiller juice, use it now for the effect will still be there for the beginning of the fight.

Once you open the door, you get a cutscene where TK knocks Chuck out with an electric cattle prod. Another cutscene starts, Chuck hanging upside down unconscious high over the arena. TK celebrates his victory with Stacey and Katey tied up and being lowered down into the arena full of zombies. Chuck wakes up and climbs his rope to fight TK.

The fighting area consists of three donut-shaped platforms. The center platform is where you fight TK hand-to-hand. If you enter the left and right platforms, TK will use the pyrotechnics there to wound you, but there are more cardboard boxes containing items you may need. Elbow Drop to destroy the boxes(may take some practice), you can do one drop before the fireworks catch up with you, so run around the circle and try again. Get some food and two crowbars.

TK's attacks:
- He swipes his microphone across and can do a backhand attack afterward.
- If he twirls his microphone around high, he's about to lunge forward with a stab.
- He brings his arms over his head for an overhead attack.
- He can laugh and follow up with a strike.
- His worst attack is he pulls himself back and does a fast headfirst charge. If he hits you, he rams you into a wall. You need to wiggle your joystick a few times followed by two timed button presses. If you succeed, TK is temporarily stunned for a few seconds. If you fail, he knocks you down and he will kick the crane lowering his hostages further toward the zombies.

Yes, this fight is on a time limit as Stacey and Katey are still being lowered to their death. The upside to the time limit is you can crank the crane to increase your time, which is in the center of the center platform, it is best when TK jumps off the arena for a moment to do this. You can avoid most attacks by simply walking away. You need to Dodge Roll the stab attack and the charge. Immediately hit him with the crowbar after each attack.

Once he's dead, TK gets what he deserves and enjoy Ending S, you've earned it! That's it, all the Case Files has been covered and even Overtime, this brings an end to the Dead Rising 2 edition of Walkthrough. I will still be covering Psychopaths and Survivors in future articles, so keep on the lookout for those and have a good day all.


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