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Walkthrough Tips and Guide for the Drakerider of Square Enix

Updated on September 23, 2012

Drakerider Walkthrough

As a huge fan of Square Enix, I will definitely not miss any game of it. So when I found the Drakerider in the Apple Store, I downloaded it immediately. Now let us begin the whole walkthrough of this game.

We are in one village and we can control our charactor by touch the screen. we will meet the enemies in the map randomly. We control our dragon by control the chains, to keep the arrow above in the certain zones to do the different moves. The blue banner we can heal and guard during the fight, and the green and yellow menu we can use attack and power attack in the battle, and do not let the arrow go to the red banner.

We can get cp during the fight and the treasure box, we can only use cp to learn abilities, and we also use cp during the fight, so we need to select the best we to save more cps during the fight.

Initiation Hall

go W-to the hall there are 4 doors and we define them as the four directions: E N1 N2 and W, N1 means the first north door from the left, and N2 means the second north dorr from the left.

We go N1-N and now we met the first boss, it is quite strong ,its attack can easily decrease much of our HP, so we should keep the arrow in the blue zone often.Now we can go to the main story of the game.

Chapter 1: Encounter

go N-E then we can use the fly dragon to travel. Fly west to the yellow arrow on the map, we need to follow the red arrow on the circle around us. The destination is Elray Heights, then touch down.

go N-N-W-N-W to an end of the way, and we need to go back and follow the red arrow. go E-S and we finished our goal in the Elray Heights.

Now we fly to the north to the Lake Stille, go W-S-S-E-E-E-S to the BOSS Zarback, it is a bug demone, it deals great damage to us, so we need to keep our HP over 1200, and its weakness is fire, so we use the fire magic can deal 250+ damage to it, but it will breath one round and use an RAY attack which will deal a 1000 damage to us. So be careful about it. I spent over 200 CP in the boss fight.

Our next destination is Rutalica which is on the west of the Lake Stille. go N and we can find a suited man with the SHOP where we can buy an sell our items. and also it will give us our first pet, if we want to upgrade the pet, we need to finish the different quest asked by the pet. go E-N-N to the Boss Davalus, it is a goat like boss and attacks very fast, we keep in the blue and green banner to attack it, be careful our HP amount. keep going N and we finished the map of Rutalica.

Next stop is Heights of Angst. It is located at the west of the Rutalica.go S-W-E-S-S-S-W-E-N-N-W-W-W-E-N-N to finish the map.

And now we need to go to VAlley of Sorrows, we fly to the east and before we go to the Valley of Sorrow we need to go to the Yawning Lake which is just beside the Valley of Sorrows. In the Yawning Lake we can play the Hypercubes in the Shop, we need to find the treasure box in the Hypercubes.we can use the mini map to define where we are and also we can use the honey bead to escape the cube. In the Hypercube 1, we go N-N-W-N-N-E-E-S-S and we finish the first Hypercube. Now we keep going in the Yawning Lake and I will finish the other Hypercubes in the end of the walkthrough. go E-N-N-E-N and now we achieve the Vally of Sorrows.keep going N-N-N and we face the giant Bug Boss Quagay, it will poinson us, so It would be a long fight with it, since we need to heal ourselves more often, I suggest we save enough CP first. Or there is one fast way to beat the boss, we let the dragon loose control but we need to manage the chane back to blue and take the control of the dragon back in time.


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