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Walkthrough for Heroes in Time 1

Updated on August 16, 2012

This is a traditional korean A-RPG game, and let's just go throuhg the quest of the game.

Quest 1: Choose Class

at the beginning of the game,we need to choose the class first. now we should go to the briefing room in the barracks.

Direction: go N-W-W to the barracks and the briefing room is right in this map.


Knight: a balanced class

Warrior: long and wide range high attack class

Archer: long range class

Wizard: use magic to attck but has low defence

And I choosed Archer as my class to continue the game.

Quest 2: T Rex Hunt

Now we need to defeat 5 T Rexes on the training ground. quite easy quest, just to be familiar to your class.

Quest 3: Carl's ceremongy

Now we need to attend Carl's ceremony in the palace.

Direction: go E-E-N and now we need to go to Carl's annex and go E-E-N to the Annex and then follow Barlena to attend the ceremony, go S-W-W to finish the quest.

Quest 4: Sally up

Go to the briefing room again in the barrakcs and see Marcus.

Direction: go S-W-W to the briefing room and receive the further quest to go to the Ku tribe and take part in the campaign, go out of the briefing room then go E-E-S-S-S-S-S-E-E-E-E to the destiny.

Quest 5: Ku tribe rebellion

Now we need to suppress the Ku tribe rebellion. and this is our first boss fight and need to kill 20 Ku warriors in the map. then we need to find and rescue Carl, go E and we will fight the Ku Chief the first boss. As an archer, it is quite easy just keep the distance to him and keep attacking him. then we can meet Carl in the minister's office in the annex of Maxima Castle, go E-W-W-W-W-W-N-N-N-N-N-E-E-N-N to finish the quest.


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