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Walkthrough for Idonia on Iphone IOS

Updated on March 4, 2012

Idonia is a RPG game released to App-store in Feburary, I found it yesterday and downloaded it immediately. And now I will write the walkthrouhg of the idonia to you, hope can help you to conquer the game.

Idonia is a turn based RPG game, the hero and the enemies use the same timeline, and attack each other one by one, and we should choose the skill for the hero to kill the monsters, the system is quite easy,and the image is really cartoon.

After one tutoury fight, we can choose the heros to set our team, it totally has 5 characters to choose from, and I selected the Knight Healer and Archer for one team, then we will go to a option map with the Campaign Town and the Colosseum.

The Campaign is where we play the game alone, it has two modes : Campaign and Survival. We can earn money for playing both modes.

The town is where we can buy equipments learn skills. The Armory is the place we can buy equipments and accessaries for the heros, the Library is where we can learn skills for the heros,and the Tavern is where we can view our hero's status and level them up, The market is we use and buy tokens which is useless for me.

The Colosseum is where we can fight with other players, but before that we need to build a strong team.

Now let us begin the game with the Campaign mode.

Map 1: Erador

We are facing two magician and one dameon in the map one, this is not a hard war but be aware of the enemies when they put a Cross debuff on our hero. This debuff will let all the damage to the hero to heal the enemies, and when our healer want to heal our hero, it will deal damage to the hero with the debuff. Besides this, it will be a quite easy fight.


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