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Walkthrough for Immortal Dusk of Gamevil 01

Updated on June 26, 2012

As usual I have no resistance to the RPG game of Gamevil, so no more introduce of the game, just start the story line of Immortal Dusk.

There are four jobs in the Immortal Dusk:

Landskne: A melee class that uses Greatswords. Has high Attack Strength and HP, which makes it an ideal tank.

Schwaltz Pischeller: A balanced class that uses Whips. This class is invinvible in short/medium-ranged combat.

Placidus: A fast-moving class that yields dual weapons. Has fast attack and movement speed.

Thesaurus: A combat magician class that uses the long-ranged Globes. While it is physically weak. Its magic skill attacks are superior.

So I choose the Placidus as my game character. Now lets start the game.

Quest 1: Graduation 1

We need to collect 5 fresh mushroom juices from mushes in the Saren Forest 1 which is the same map we are in.

Quest 2: Test Report 1

We now need to go back to the Academy in Leed with Bhit and report to Mr. Riturdo.

Direction: go N-E and we can find Riturdo at Leed Residential Area 2.

Quest 3: Graduation 2

Now we should hunt Mush4 in the Saren Forest 4 to collect 5 Arses.

Direction: go W-S-E-S-E to the Saren Forest 4. After collect 5 Arses, go back to Riturdo at Leed Residential Area 2.

Quest 4: Graduation 3

Now we need to hunt 10 Serpent2 in the Saren Forest 6.

Direction: go W-S-E-S-E-S-W to Saren Forest 6, kill 10 Serpent2 and go back to Riturdo.

Quest 5: Graduation 4

Need to go deep inside the Saren Forest.

Direction: go W-S-E-S-E-S-W-S-W to the Saren Forest 9 and we met the first Boss in the game. It is quite hard, but if we prepare enough HP potion, we can deal it easily.

Quest 6: Speru Desert

We have been moved to the Speru Desert now we need to find a oasis.

Direction: go S and we just find the Oasis in the middle of the map.

Quset 7: To the Oasis

Since we need more information to go back to Leed, now we need to move to the next Oasis.

Direction: go S-W to the Oasis 2.

Quest 8: Replica Badge 1

Now we need to collect 15 Scrap Irons in the Eastern Aren Desert 3.

Direction: go N to the Aren Desert 3 and we can get the Scarp Irons from the ground.

Quest 9: Replica Badge 2

Now we should collect 15 Sticky Mucuses in the Eastern Aren Desert 4.

Direction: go N-N and we can get the Sticky Mucuses from the monster Swings.

Quest 10: Replica Badge 3

This time we need to collect 3 Red Golem Horns in the Eastern Aren Desert 5.

Direction: go N-W to the Eastern Aren Desert 5 and we can get the Red Golem Horns from the monster Golem.


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