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Warhammer 40,000 Ork Lootas and Burnas Box Set Review

Updated on May 9, 2010

The new Ork lootas & burnas box look good on the outside, but is it good for the value you pay for it? Lets check out the sprues!

Bits :

General Bits 
5 x Legs
4 x Torsos
1 x Torso w/ Hole (to attach backpacks) 
2 x Ork Glyphs

1 x Mekboy Head
1 x Mekboy Tool Backpack
1 x Left Arm w/ Kustom Mega Blasta
1 x Right Arm

Big Shoota
1 x Big Shoota Backpack w/ Ammo Runt
1 x Left Arm w/ Big Shoota and Strap

Rokkit Launcha
1 x Right Arm w/ Rokkit Launcha
1 x Rokkit Launcha Shield

4 x Burna Boys Head
4 x Burna Fuel Tanks
4 x Right Arm / Burna
4 x Left Arm
4 x Burna Straps
1 x Unknown Part

4 x Lootas Head
3 x Right Arm w/Deffgun
3 x Left Arm w/ Deffgun Ammo 
1 x Left Arm w/ Deffgun
1 x Right Arm w/ Deffgun Ammo
4 x Eye Scopes
4 x Deffgun grills
1 x Half of a Deffgun Barrel 
4 x Deffgun extra bits
2 x Flying Ammos

Hrmmm....5 units for the retail price of USD 22 seems a bit pricey. From this box of 3 sprues itself, you can make up to 4 Burnas + 1 Mekboy OR 4 Lootas + 1 Mekboy. But not to worry! Just get another 4 pairs or Torso and Legs and you'll eventually have...4 Burnas + 4 Lootas + 1 Mekboy = 9 ork units!

The Rokkit Launcha and Big Shoota bits seems like a surprise though. They are incomplete and probably tend to be used together with the bits from the Orks Boyz box. The ammo runt on the bag is a nice bonus though...I always thought Grotz should always accompany Orks like how Goblins do with Orcs in WH Fantasy. :P

With the extra bits (or even the Deffguns), you can probably do some modification and make them into Flash Gitz and with the Rokkit Arm, Tankbustas . The Burnas is an optional upgrade for Kommandos as well, so you can possibly use them there with some extra touches on the paint and bits. The heads look very good on this sprues too especially the Mekboy and Burnas.

These boyz look good on the table and there are minor details which is cool to paint with. Not to mention, the lootas are a menance in the game as well! But to make them effective you probably need at least 10 of those...which means you need to get about 3 boxes of it...or maybe you can hunt for lootas only sprues on ebay. Make sure to get torsos and legs as well!

Pros : Weapons and heads look detailed and good for painting, extra Rokkit and Shoota bits (with the Grot!) is a nice bonus, value for money if you have extra torsos + legs.

Cons : Not many extra bits, legs pose looks similar which maybe boring. Why didn't they include another 4 torsos + legs and just increase the price a little bit? 4 lootas isn't enough for the price paid since you need many of it in the game. Details maybe a bit difficult to paint for beginners.

Final Verdict : Ork Bosses should buy this box, and get more torsos + legs! Lootas are strong in the game. Burnas if used properly can be a real menace to mass army units (tyranids, other orks, IG) and can be used as a power weapon against high armored units.

Rating : 8/10

GW Retail Price: USD 22.00 / £13.50

Amazon Price : ~US $ 16.99


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    • Blade1090 profile image


      9 years ago

      bought this for my gf lol she loves orks nice review man i agree totally worth it if u got the extra torsos and leg bits

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The "Unknown bit" is a face-shield for the burna head with a cig. it is not connected, leaving you the option of gluing it posed up, or on the face.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The "Unknown bit" is a face-shield for the burna head with a cig. it is not connected, leaving you the option of gluing it posed up, or on the face.


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