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Warhammer 40,000 Ork Boyz Box Set Review

Updated on April 19, 2010

Ork Boyz Sprue

Ork Boyz Sprue Review

Description :

Ork boyz are the staple of your Ork army! As you can see from the spruce, you can make up to 10 pieces of model.From the spruce you can see that you can make up to 10 Boyz and 1 Nob, but the box only includes 10 round bases. So you just need to get another base from any online bits shop to make it 11! :)

Bits :

Ork Boyz

10 x Legs
10 x Normal Torso
2  x Torso w/Bag strap (to be attached with Big Shoota or Rokkits)
1  x Big Shoota Bag pack
1  x Rokkits Bag pack
11 x Head
8  x Empty Left Arm(To hold Shootas)
8  x Right Arm w/Shoota
2  x Empty Right Arm(To hold Shootas)
2  x Left Arm w/Shoota
6  x Right Arm w/Slugga
6  x Left Arm w/Choppa
4  x Left Arm w/Slugga
4  x Right Arm w/Choppa
1  x Right Arm w/Big Shoota and strap
1  x Left Arm w/Big Shoota ammo
1  x Right Arm w/Rokkit Launcha
1  x Empty Left Arm to hold Rokkit Launcha
1  x Left Arm w/Tankbusta Bomb
1  x Right Arm w/Stikkboms


4  x Nobz Head
1  x Nob Torso
1  x Nob Legs
1  x Left Arm w/Power Klaw
1  x Power Klaw Upper Blades
1  x Left Arm w/Big Choppa
1  x Right Arm w/Slugga
2  x Bosspole

Other bits

6  x Metal Shoulder Pads
3  x Spiky Shoulder Pads
1  x Iron Gob (Iron shaped to fit the Jaw)
4  x Ammo belt
2  x Shoota Magazines
2  x Shoota Knives
6  x Scopes for gunz
1  x Bag of stikkboms
1  x Ork Skull
1  x Human Head
1  x Stikkbom
1  x Tankbusta Bomb
3  x Runes/Glyphs
2  x Human Knife
5  x Unknown bits

The number of bits in this boxed set is good! You can see by the sprues that after assembling your desired 10 models, there are still loads of bits you can keep. If you buy enough boxes and keep all the unused bits,you can make cheap Tankbustas, 'Ard Boyz, Flash Gitz, or Stikbommas.

There isn't much complaint on the Boyz, they are very highly customizable! Just make sure you stick them properly on the base and adjust the torso accordingly to prevent them from falling over (don't put the torso too forward or it will tumble over quite easily).

For the Nob...its legs look puny and the left arm is fixed to be lifted up. If you don't want his arm to be high up in the air, you need to cut the extra part and probably use putty to change it's angle. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

Pros : Value for money, very customizable, details are very good, lots of extra bits that can be used in other models (Orks or not)

Cons : Nobz's left shoulder (the one with the Power Klaw) is fixed to only one proper angle, making it hard to customize unless some cutting is done. Nobz's legs looks puny and doesn't really fit the bigger torso. Why didn't they give an extra base to let us make it 11 models??

Final Verdict : You need this in any ork army, so go get yours now! In fact, you might to have to get two of them. :)

Rating : 9/10

Retail Price : US $22.00  / GB £12.00 
Amazon Price : ~US $ 13.77


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