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Warhammer 8th Vampire Counts army magic items overview

Updated on January 22, 2012

The old items that have returned

In the new 8th edition Vampire Counts army book there are 9 magic items that are available to characters, 7 of the 9 follow the same theme they did previously these are but all have been tweaked and improved :-

  • Nightshroud
  • Banner of the Barrows
  • The Screaming Banner
  • Black periapt
  • Staff of Damnation
  • Book of Arkhan
  • Rod of Flaming Death

The other 2 of the 9 have had a new direction and new rules added for a different type of effect these are:-

  • Skabscrath
  • The Cursed Book moves from enchanted item to arcane item too

Items now only available to special characters

Several items that were available to any character are now tied solely to the special character that they are associated with.

Vlad Von Carstein still weilds Blooddrinker (with a different set of rules) and carrys the Carstein Ring.

With the return of the Lord of Undead Krell he (or perhaps more rightly it) is now the sole weilder of The Black Axe of Krell.

Also worth noting is Mannfred Von Carstein no longer has access to further arcane Items.

Items lost to sands of time

As you can see from the list below like all new army books from 7th to 8th edition Vampire Counts have lost a considerable number of magic items some good, many mediocre and the odd near useless one.

  • Frostblade
  • Dreadlance
  • Sword of Kings
  • Tomb Blade though Heinrich Kemmler Chaos Tomb Blade is now similar in some respects
  • The Balefire Spike
  • Walach's Bloody Hauberk
  • The Accursed Armour
  • The Flayed hauberk
  • Armour of Night
  • The Cadaverous Cuirass
  • The Hand of Dust
  • Helm of Commandment
  • Talisman of the Lycni
  • Crown of the Damned
  • Wristbands of black Gold
  • The Gem of Blood
  • Sceptre de Noirot
  • Crimson Gem of Lahmia
  • The Drakenhof Banner yes no more regenerating Grave Guard units
  • Royal Standard of Strigos
  • Icon of Vengance
  • Banner of the Dead Legion though this had been errataed out as unit strength is no longer in 8th.
  • Cursed Pennent of Mousillon
  • Banner of Endless Nightmare
  • Standard of Hellish Vigour
  • Standard of Everlasting Death
  • Banner of Hellfire


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