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Incantation of the Desert Wind 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tomb Kings Magic spell overview

Updated on January 26, 2012

Uses of the spell

Incantation of the Desert Wind is the default spell for the Tomb Kings meaning you can be assured you can always select it if you like. This gives it the added advantage of tactics being able to be designed around it. The basic function of this spell is to allow all of your units in 12" another move, it can be cast at a higher value and will then affect all units in 24". Remember as well the lore attribute meaning this spell will also heal your units that it effects. Do note however that it only effects units that are unengaged so will not heal units engaged in combat, for that you must use one of the other 3 augments spells to heal these units.

In one way this spell makes up for Tomb Kings being unable to march ensuring your troops can cover as much ground as any other army. It also makes several units super fast moving in comparison to other armies, for examples chariots can cover 16" in one turn with this spell! It also allows skeleton archers and skeleton horse archers to move fast whilst still remaining able to fire. Good use of this spell makes Tomb Kings armies surprisingly fast and manoeuvrable and it can come as a shock to an unprepared opponent. With the faster 6" or higher movement units in can but you in charge range in turn 2 if you want.

One of the difference with this spell compared to 7th edition is that it no longer allows you to charge though judging from the rulebook lore's there will be no spells allowing "magical" charges in 8th edition Warhammer.

Drawbacks of the spell

For a default spell it has quite a high casting value, particularly if you use the 24" effect. There will also be some turns where the spell is of little use as your combat units are engaged in combat and your missile units wish to remain at range (though of course ranged units could use it to give the enemy more distance to cover).

Do not get carried away whilst it is tempting to move every unit simply because you can it is not always to your advantage. Think before you move units and ensure it is going to be to your advantage to do so.

The other drawback of any spell is of course that your opponent can dispel it potentially leaving your units in a poor position, also remember the range of the spell since it is fairly likely your spell casters will be on foot fast units such as chariots can soon move out of range if your not paying attention.

Hints on using the spell

Despite Tomb Kings not being able to march using this spell allows you to cover distance quite fast and can be used to your advantage. For example if your Screaming Skull Catapults are threatened could a sudden 8" move bring them to a safe position? It also means your not vulnerable to failing the leadership test to march like other armies are.


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