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Incantation of Protection Warhammer 8th edition fantasy battle Tomb Kings magic spell overview

Updated on January 26, 2012

Uses of the Spell

This spell Neru's Incantation of Protection is an augment spell that grants the target unit a 5+ ward save for a average casting value. The wizard may also cast a much more powerful version with a much higher casting value that grants all units within 12" this 5+ ward save.

It also grants affected units the lore attribute of Restless Dead that heals wounds already suffered by the units affected, as this affects all units regardless of whether they are engaged in combat or not it can also be used to heal make much needed wounds and models to units.

Obviously this spell is used to protect your units and the higher casting value version can provided excellent saves for a large section of your army useful when facing armies with effective ranged attacks either magical or mundane. The lower casting version lends itself better to units engaged in combat to help give them that edge and can be effective in combination with the other augment spells from the lore of Nehekara and the Lore of Light.

Drawbacks of the spell

The first drawback of this spells is its limited range of one unit within 12" (or all units within 12") meaning your wizard has to be close to the action in order to utilise this spell to its best advantage. This also means he cannot be sheltering in a "bunker" unit far from melee combat and will have to advance with the rest of your army. It also means the wizard must be centrally deployed in the army to make the most effective use of this spell.

When used to protect units from ranged attacks either missile or magical your opponent is aware of this. This gives him the obvious option of targeting units that are not protected with the Incantation of Protection though occasionally you can use this to influence your opponent to act in your favour.

Hints on using the spell

The more powerful version of this spell is a potential battle turning spell, granting all units in 12" a 5+ ward and also healing lost wounds can greatly bolster your army especially if they are engaged in a battle of attrition. It will also help protect units such as lone characters and monsters who you may have been reluctant to cast the lower casting version on. The lower casting version can also be useful employed on units engaged in melee combat, obviously the best targets for this are larger units who are likely to be on the receiving end of a high number of attacks.


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