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Incantation of Cursed Blades warhammer fantasy battle Tomb Kings magic spell overview

Updated on January 26, 2012

Uses of the spell

This spell is an augment and grants the unit it is cast on the Killing Blow special rule, even better it increases the chances of a model that already has Killing Blow to a roll of 5 or 6. It has a fairly low casting value with a short range, the range can be increased for a slight increase in the casting value. It also has the Tomb Kings lore attribute Restless Dead which heals the unit that it is cast on.

Once cast it last for the duration of two combat phases (the one your about to have and your opponents) and cannot be dispelled after its initial casting.

The main uses of this spell are therefore to boost a unit engaged in combats potential or it can be used as a deterrent. Casting it on a unit that looks likely to be charged can occasionally be enough to dissuade a charge from elite heavily armoured troops who are few in numbers or units containing important characters.

Drawbacks of the Spell

It only affects one unit so you will have to decide which unit will benefit the most from its effects. It also depends on how lady luck is treating you as you still need to roll the 6's to score a Killing Blow, the lower the number of attacks the unit has the less effective the dspell is likely to be. Also it only affects the units close combat attacks (so no ranged Killing Blow sadly) meaning it is only viable to cast on units engage or likely to become engaged in combat.

The other main drawback of the spell stems from the limitations of Killing Blow itself as it only works against infantry and cavalry models.  This limits its effectiveness against some enemy units and particular some armies notably Ogre Kingdoms.

Hints on using the spell

The best unit to cast this spell on is Tomb Guard and would most likely be the best choice if you are presented with several units who are potentially targets. Killing Blows on 5 or 6's can see them chopping now tough or heavily armoured foes with ease, it also makes them a serious threat to any character attacking them. This spell makes the unit of Tomb Guard deadly further augmenting there already considerable prowess, it can also be combined with other augment spells from the Lore of Nehekhara or the Lore of Light to turn them into an absolutely brutal unit.

The next best target for this spell is unit that have a lot of attacks (or have had their number of attacks boosted) usually units of Skeleton Warriors with Spears or Chariots. Also consider the target they are facing as Killing Blow by passes armour and regeneration it may be better used to augment a unit facing foes with these defences. It can also be used to threaten enemy characters fighting units they think they are fairly safe from, simply cast this spell and throw as many Killing Blow attacks against them as you can.

Lastly it also increases the chance of getting an heroic Killing Blow to 5 or 6 as well so casting it on a Necrosphinx gives its Decapitating Strike a better chance, remember though this is only one attack the most roll to hit first though so other targets may be a better option.


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