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Wight King Warhammer fantasy battle 8th edition Vampire counts overview

Updated on June 3, 2014

What are Wight Kings

Wight Kings are the ancient bodies of long dead heroes and chieftains brought back to unlife by dark magic. In ages past many primitive tribes of humans buried there dead war chiefs and leaders with all the items they possessed in life, clan in ancient armour and clutching the weapons that they wielding when alive. They erected barrows and tombs where great leaders and their warriors were entombed meant as a tribute to these brave and once noble warriors.

Vampires and Necromancers will break the protective seals and sigil's of these cairns in order to reanimated these once powerful warriors calling them forth to fight for their new unliving masters. Clan with the finest armour and weapons of old many still ride upon the same steed they rode in life reanimated to serve their rider once again.

A old Wight King.
A old Wight King. | Source

In the Game

Wights Kings are a tough to kill hero level character for Vampire Counts in 8th edition for Vampire Counts. Only average hero level fighters though of course equipped with the dreaded Killing Blow special rules Wight Kings make up for this with their sheer resilience with a toughness of 5 and 3 wounds to boot. Wight Kings are also a choice to be the army battle standard bearer.

There are a few minor changes to Wight Kings from 7th to 8th edition they are slightly more expensive though their basic equipment options are cheaper which compensates some what for this. Their stat line and equipment and magic item allowance remains the same. Wight Kings now have the killing Blow special rule meaning that this passes to any weapon normal or magical that they are wielding (gone though has the Sword of Kings giving Killing Blow on a 5+).

Wight King.
Wight King. | Source

Pros and cons

Wight Kings are simply put hard to kill with a high toughness and for a hero level character a lot of wounds. With the killing blow special rule they are also a threat to any infantry character as a lucky blow disregards armours save and kills the model regardless of wounds remaining.

Do not forget the Wight Kings high leadership although not as useful for undead it protects the unit the Wight King is leading significantly against crumbling from when the lord dies. If the Wight King is also the battle standard the re roll should see you pass nearly every time.

Cons are for only a few more points you can have a Vampire hero who is a better fighter and a level 1 wizard, though they are easier to kill. Vampires are also more customisable as they can take both magic items and Vampiric Powers though the points cost soon starts to rack up.

Basically the Wight King makes an excellent choice for a battle standard bearer and potentially another cheap hero if taken with basic equipment, Carin Wraiths though are another cheap option you may want to consider depending on the foe you are facing and the amount of magic items and magic they will be bringing.

Tactical uses

Wight Kings make the best battle standard bearers as they are tougher to kill then hero level vampires particularly if you are taking a Magic Banner. They also ride Skeletal Steeds meaning they can join units of Black Knights and they retain the Ethereal rules for movement, a Vampire mounted on a Nightmare both slow down the unit and causes them to lose the ethereal rule when moving.

Killing blow can also be a threat even against quite powerful characters, many opponents will think twice before charging a unit containing a Wight king just in case it is his lucky day and that killing Blow pays off. The Banner of the Barrow also affects Wight Kings so compensating for their low weapon skill somewhat.


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    • profile image

      Vampfan 4 years ago

      These guys carry the flag for Vampire Counts! Literally!

    • profile image

      Count Jondi 5 years ago

      One of the toughest hero choices to kill in the entire game, enough said