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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Sixteen: ctOS Control Center, The Wards

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden and Clara have been blessed. Just when Aiden was driven out of his old hotel haunt, Clara's has tracked down a huge, untraceable, abandoned compound that will serve them well in their future endeavours. And while Clara gets to work setting up their new home, Aiden has some business to attend to in The Wards, where yet another pesky ctOS Control Center waits to be hacked to pieces...

ctOS Control Center, The Wards

Location: The Wards

Prerequisite(s): Complete A Blank Spot There-Ish

- After a successful capture of your new bunker base, you'll be redirected to a new mission in The Wards. This is a new area, necessitating the quick unlock of the local ctOS Control Center. The waypoint leading you there is right in the middle of The Wards.

Aiden leaves his hi-tech hideout via container crane, his eyes never leaving his phone.
Aiden leaves his hi-tech hideout via container crane, his eyes never leaving his phone.

- The ctOS Control Center is located in a somewhat-innocuous, fenced-in area in the middle of the neighbourhood, and until you see gates and gates it's actually rather easy to miss if you're just driving by. There are multiple ways into the lot:

  • There's a gate on the south side, down a sort of alley, watched over by a guard. Behind this gate and on the main building is a camera which you can use to digitally invade the area.
  • There's another gate on the west side of the compound, this one much more obvious - and also guarded by several more men. Not recommended unless you're really itching for a head-on assault.
  • A short ways north of the western gate you'll find a small section of fence with no barbs at the top. You can easily hop over it and into the compound.
  • In the north is another gate. There isn't much you can do besides bust in and sneak by with Lures. If you do go the shoot-'em-up route, this is a better choice than the western gate.
  • On the eastern side of the compound, between two buildings, is another small fence. You can hop over it and get to the other side of the northern gate.
  • A short ways south of the eastern alleyway is another alleyway. This one is a teensy bit better for two reasons: a) it has some fences that will allow you to hide, and b) it has a small scaffolding that you can use to peek into the compound without being spotted. It's also right beside a camera.

Hacking Fun

Given the small size of the area, there's a fair amount of hacking you can do to muck up the guards.

- Several of them will inevitably carry explosives. If possible, use the protectors and forklifts spread throughout the compound to draw them together. Then hack the explosives and see if you can kill two birds with one stone.

- There's an explosive attached to one of the buildings, directly across from the eastern alleyways. Draw a guard beside it by hacking into a nearby forklift and you can destroy him rather easily.

- Near the northern-most alley is a pipe you can burst, should the opportunity present itself.

Aiden canvasses the area near the Wards, trying to break into a ctOS Centre in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden canvasses the area near the Wards, trying to break into a ctOS Centre in Watch_Dogs.

- Near the southern gate is a garage, typically watched over by one of the guards (more often than not the dude with the access code you need). Set off a car alarm inside the garage and you can lure the nearest guard inside, then close the door again. This will give you a few precious seconds to do as you wish while the guy uses a back door to get outside again.

- Once you have the access code, one way or another, look for the security panel that will get you into the ctOS Control Center. It's located on a loading dock, behind a tractor trailer. Hack in... and... puzzle time!

- The only puzzle has three locks. Twist the t-junction once to unlock the first, revealing an elbow junction. Twist the elbow junction so it's pointing up and left, then twist the t-junction so it's facing up, left, and down. This will allow you to trigger the second lock, revealing a vertical junction. Twist it so it's horizontal, the t-junction so it's facing up, right and down, and the elbow junction so it's facing right and down.

- Server room. Hop between two cameras to listen to some surveillance audio logs, then hack in and give yourself ctOS access. The Wards are now your playground, and you have a new mission to undertake a few blocks away: Jury-Rigged.


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