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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirteen: Collateral

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden is becoming a little unhinged with the kidnapping of his sister, and those who still have to work with him might be noting the effects. Among them are Clara, hacker extraordinaire, who only now seems to be figuring out just what she's gotten herself into. In this happy little mission, you've have to defend Clara from a bunch of very nasty men who would like to see her and Aiden ten feet underground...


Location: Owl Hotel, Parker Square

Prerequisite(s): Complete Breakable Things

- After completing Breakable Things, a waypoint will appear on your map. It leads you back to your Hideout at the Owl Hotel. Make haste! (And yes, you can fastrack your way there.)

- Cut scene follows. Once it's done you'll have to shoot a dude to save Clara. You start in Focus, so that's easy enough. Peg him in the head, then follow Clara out of your Hideout. More quickly - the fire surrounding you is merciless.

- You'll come under enemy fire as soon as you get outside. Take cover on the right side of the walkway and exchange bullets with the dudes on the other side of the motel. Watch out for one guy up on the roof, between the letters on the motel's sign.

Under fire, Aiden hides on the second floor of the Owl Hotel in the Collateral mission of Watch_Dogs.
Under fire, Aiden hides on the second floor of the Owl Hotel in the Collateral mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Make your way along the walkway, following Clara. More guys will show up, on the walkway, on the roof, and down on the street. Continue exchanging fire. Clara is good at taking the bad guys down, but in general you should be doing most of the damage. If she dies at any point - and she'll take damage almost every time she pops out of cover to shoot at your attackers - the mission will immediately end.

- Look for a box of ammo on the railing as you turn the corner, then take cover near the stairs. This is a good spot to hack into the cameras surrounding the parking lot. Several of the attackers should have grenades, and there are a few explosive panels you can exploit. This is also a good time to jam communications, lest they call in backup.

- Down to ground level. There may be more guys down here; if so, you know what to do. Take up cover behind a car (and look for ammo on the ground near the stairs), then start blasting away. Hack when possible, though there aren't a ton of opportunities to do so here. Be mindful of the snipers on the opposite roof! They will take constant potshots at you if you expose yourself!

Aiden blasts away at his opponents from the second floor of the Owl Hotel in the Collateral mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden blasts away at his opponents from the second floor of the Owl Hotel in the Collateral mission of Watch_Dogs.

- (I don't know about other players, but one of my snipers became non-responsive and wouldn't leave cover. You must kill all of the enemies to complete the objective. If something goes wrong with your snipers, you can climb up to the roof via another set of stairs near the one that leads down to ground level. You'll also find Electronic Parts up here.)

- After all the baddies are gone you'll be ordered to take Clara to her car. This will prompt the appearance of Fixers in cars. Either dash for the car on the far side of the lot and through a small hall or, perhaps smarter, hunker down and wipe out the Fixers. You have plenty of places to hide here, and they're largely in the open.

- Assuming you cleared the lot, you're meant to guide Clara to her car. Instead hop in one of the abandoned Fixer cars and drive it around the building to the side. Leave it somewhere near Clara's car. She'll hop in her own and speed away...

- ... leaving you to deal with one more wave of Fixers. At this point you can hop in the car you commandeered and speed away. Otherwise, exchange fire and edge back towards the motel parking lot until you're within reach of a car. Then hop in and speed away. There are a few traps you can use on the Fixers in the alley where you and Clara parted ways, if you feel the need, though running is perfectly viable.

- Once you leave the white circle indicated on the map the Fixers will give up, and the mission will end successfully. Your escape will trigger a new mission, One Foot in the Grave, over in The Loop.


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