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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Five: Someone's Knocking, In Plain Sight

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

It's taken a long time and a lot of pain, but Aiden has finally secured the data from Iraq's servers. Now all he has to do is return to the bunker with his prize and see what T-Bone can make of it. Easy peasy, right?


Maybe not. Not if another hacker has anything to say about it. Say hello to Defalt, silent computer whiz extraordinaire, who is more than happy to jam up Aiden's party. And why? Oh, no particular reason... since when do hackers need a reason to cause trouble...?

Someone's Knocking

Location: Bunker, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete By Any Means Necessary

- Return to the bunker after the raid on Rossi-Fremont. Entering the bunker and approaching the consoles will trigger the mission. A cut scene follows.

- Immediately after the cut scene, you'll have a puzzle to solve. Devious! The first puzzle is more annoying than difficult, as a picture of a stylized rat's head will pop up occasionally, and the puzzle's at a weird angle. Simply divert two signals from the bottom of the puzzle to the top, directing them up and around the two loops on either side of the puzzle. Unlock once that's done...

- ... and you have another puzzle! Yay. The idea's basically the same here, though you have a slightly more complex design to work your way up. Again, change the paths so they're directed up and around the outside of the puzzle. Once you have the two paths leading into the lock at the top, flip the timed t-junction at the bottom to provide power. Aaaand...

- ... another puzzle! Huzzah! Exact same deal here, only your nemesis on the other side will make the junctions flip around wildly once they're ready to hit the top lock. Wait for the flipping to stop, then line up your pathways and hack through.

- Finally done. Keep watching cut scenes (shocking revelation!) and the mission will end, unlocking a new one: In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight

Location: Gym Center, Mad Mile

Prerequisite(s): Complete By Any Means Necessary

- You'll find your next waypoint far north of the bunker, in Mad Mile. Zip on up. The mission waypoint is waiting on a raised walkway, near a series of large TV screens. Keep a vehicle nearby, preferably somewhere below the walkway.

- A cut scene follows. As soon as it ends, Aiden will be recognized as the vigilante by everyone in the vicinity, for obvious reasons. Boot it away from civilians by getting onto street level and running beneath the walkway you were just on. They're less numerous down here. If a civilian stares at you for too long they'll call the cops. If that happens, rush up and smash their phone before taking off again.

Aiden's picture is displayed to the public on some massive television screens during the In Plain Sight mission of Watch_Dogs, forcing our hacker hero to avoid just about everyone.
Aiden's picture is displayed to the public on some massive television screens during the In Plain Sight mission of Watch_Dogs, forcing our hacker hero to avoid just about everyone.

- Your next waypoint is to the east, and it's a TV van. You need to destroy this van as quickly as possible.

- The van will, as soon as it spots you (and sometimes sooner), take off towards the outskirts of town. The driver is quite good at what he does, but if you're very quick you can use the steam pipe directly ahead on his route to cripple the van. If that doesn't work, bash him around and use hacking tricks to wipe him out. Should the driver survive, run him out or hop out of your vehicle and kill him. You want him out of the equation veeeery quickly...

- ... because the police show up next! They either appear immediately after you kill the van's driver or if you take too long to stop the van, and you'll want it to be the former. Trying to escape the police while destroying the van is very, very hard.

- Regardless, you're facing a nasty police chase in the final leg of this mission. They're not necessarily harder than previous police chases, but the layout of the area - as well as the fact that you're doing the mission at night - doesn't help your chances. Keep under bridges to shake off the police helicopter, especially if disabling it isn't an option, and drive through alleyways and down wide sidewalks to shake off the cars. The tunnel between Mad Mile and Parker Square is also quite handy for escaping the cops if you get enough of a lead. The mission ends once you're incognito again.

- Once you flee the police and receive your mission experience, T-Bone will call in with good news. This will trigger a new mission back in Mad Mile: The Rat's Lair.


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