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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Four: By Any Means Necessary

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

This is it. After a heap of hiccups, backtracking, sandals and blackmails, Aiden is headed to Rossi-Fremont in person. He needs to break into Iraq's server personally this time, no Bedbug leading the way, and finally figure out what's being hidden from himself and from Damien. But the building is still Viceroy territory, no less than their leader's private domain, and any infiltration is sure to raise some hackles at the very least...

By Any Means Necessary

Location: Rossi-Fremont, The Wards

Prerequisite(s): Complete For the Portfolio

- Upon emerging from the bunker, By Any Means Necessary will pop up down in The Wards. You've seen the neighbourhood enough times to know exactly where you're going by now. The waypoint is between several low-lying apartment buildings.

- Welcome back! You've infiltrated the grounds of Rossi-Fremont before, and as before there are multiple entrances to the lot in front of the main building. If you want to go in guns blazing you can try to plow through the front gate; if you prefer a cautious approach, look to the right of the front gate for a smaller, less conspicuous entrance through the fencing. If you want to be really careful you can also pop through the gate at the rear of Rossi-Fremont and slip in through the parking lot, where the guards are at an absolute minimum.

- This area is lousy with well-armed soldiers, but you have plenty of cover that will allow you to slip through the area unnoticed. Distractions are at something of a premium, so be ready with Lures in case you want to get past someone unnoticed. The only guards who might pose a real risk are the snipers above the entrance, and even they aren't too bad. Make sure you have a blackout ready when you reach the door at the far end of the yard, as it won't pop open unless you cut the power to the area.

- Slip inside. The 'lobby' is empty, but as soon as you pass through the next door you're back in Viceroy territory. Be ready. One tip: turn up the brightness on the game / your TV. This place is reeeeeally dark.

Aiden approaches the Viceroy HQ of Rossi-Fremont under cover of stealth, avoiding the eyes of the guards during the By Any Means Necessary mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden approaches the Viceroy HQ of Rossi-Fremont under cover of stealth, avoiding the eyes of the guards during the By Any Means Necessary mission of Watch_Dogs.

- The next room is filled with dudes who want to take you down. Start by immediately ducking behind the barrier in front of the door. You have just enough time to hide before the guards on the ground floor and on the balcony spot you. From here you can have a lot of hacking fun:

  • There's an explosive panel beside the elevator. Hit it.
  • One of the guards may be carrying an explosive on the elevator. Close the door and set it off. They can't possibly escape.
  • There's another explosive panel on the second floor balcony above your head. Trigger it to kill two more gunners before they can even enter the fight.

- Make sure you kill everyone before you get on the elevator, in short. You'll save yourself some trouble when you reach the top. Check beside the vending machines on the ground floor for an Unstable Chemical Component, then hop on and ride up a floor.

- Three guards will spawn outside the door when the elevator hits the top, two on your right and one on your left, the left coming down from the third floor. As soon as the elevator opens, run out and to the left, taking cover behind the railing. Look across the floor and gunfire will ring out. Immediately trigger the explosive panel opposite your position and you will take out one of the guards, possibly two. After finishing off the remaining killers, go up the ramp on the left side of the floor.

- Third floor. Look for two Frag Grenades sitting on the bannister directly ahead, then trade shots with guys on the other side of the floor. Once they're gone, head down the hallway.

- Next up is a series of small rooms. Check the first two for a waypoint and an audio log. Make some noise in here and a guard will come through the door at the other end of the rooms; hide behind it and you can ambush him easily. Two more will eventually patrol through here, one of them heavily-armed, and you can ambush or avoid as you see fit.

- Next up is an arcade, and the aforementioned guys will be in here if you moved through the previous room quickly. Use the cameras to get a bead on the heavily-armoured guy in here, as he'll be near an explosive panel that'll take him out easily. If that doesn't work, launch explosives inside to take advantage of the limited space.

- At the rear of the arcade is a small office. You'll find a ctOS Scan and Electronic Parts on the tables. Climb the ladder in the rear of the office...

- ... and hide immediately at the top. There are two guards milling about in the next two rooms. You shouldn't have much trouble taking them down quietly.

Aiden takes cover in the lobby of Rossi-Fremont during the By Any Means Necessary mission of Watch_Dogs, preparing to take out some rather nasty gunmen.
Aiden takes cover in the lobby of Rossi-Fremont during the By Any Means Necessary mission of Watch_Dogs, preparing to take out some rather nasty gunmen.

- Beyond is a heavily-guarded hallway, and included in their numbers is a dude in armour. Take out the other guys howsoever you wish, but the armoured guy is best handled through the cameras, as there are two explosive panels in the hall. Use one to wipe him out. He's pretty deadly in close quarters. If you want to avoid him entirely, creep down the first left in the hallway and you'll find a back room that'll allow you to slip around him.

- Your next destination is a ladder in the rooms on your right. Check the audio log in here and climb on up this ladder and the next.

- More rooms, more guards. Take cover immediately and either open fire or look for a camera. Guards will come from ahead and behind / to your right, and unless you're right beside the ladder one or the other will likely see you. Use the cameras to set off explosive rounds; otherwise, gunfire will do.

- There's a hallway ahead. Unlock the door on your left and you'll find an audio log, Electronic Parts, and a bundle of cash inside.

- The rest of the way to the server room is clear. Pick your way through Iraq's quarters and begin the download. Once you're done, head back out and prepare for a little cut scene.

- The next waypoint leads you outside. Snoop around the area and you'll find an ammo bag and three IEDs. Search quick, 'cause when Iraq's done talking several of his soldiers will show up. There are explosive panels here to help you, but the lack of cameras will make placement difficult unless you trigger the one at the far end as soon as they appear. Rely on your gun for this one otherwise...

- ... as a heavily-armoured dude will show up after the first three soldiers are dead, with Iraq as support after he takes a few hits. Weave between the crates, stay out of the big soldier's line of fire, and detonate explosives as the armoured guy passes by. The IEDs you picked up earlier will waste him with a few well-placed shots. Whenever he's down, exchange fire with Iraq at a distance. Don't let Iraq close the gap or he'll knock you around. Keep firing with normal guns and he'll go down soon enough.

- Back to the front of Rossi-Fremont with you. One quick conversation later, you'll finish the mission and receive a new one: Someone's Knocking.


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