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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Nine: Ghosts of the Past

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden has finally saved his sister, and things are looking up. That's just part of the equation, though - now he needs to see Nicky and Jackson safely out of town. Problem is, capricious Damien has dropped a large hint as to the vigilante's whereabouts in the hands of Chicago's police force. Is this the last clue that will allow them to bring Damien down...?

Ghosts of the Past

Location: Residential neighbourhood, Parker Square

Prerequisite(s): Complete Little Sister

- After saving Nicky she'll head back to Parker Square. Follow her and you'll find her at Yolanda's House in the south of the area. Once you arrive you'll hit a cut scene, and when it's done you'll be in a car. This is the car you need to get through the mission, as it has both Nicky and Jackson inside.

- This mission is another flight from the police, but it's special. You can't be spotted. As usual they can suspect you of being the vigilante, but if they confirm your identity at any point you're done for. You need to get from Parker Square to the south of Pawnee.

- Hard? Yes, it's quite hard. Here are some tips for surviving the mission.

Aiden drives his sister and nephew safely out of Chicago during the Ghosts of the Past mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden drives his sister and nephew safely out of Chicago during the Ghosts of the Past mission of Watch_Dogs.

Flight from the Fuzz

- Set a path to the waypoint in the north, but do not follow it directly. The police will generally wind up on the most efficient routes around town, and the GPS will lead you along these same routes.

- Your best bet for getting through the area is to take a western route. Keep sliding down side roads and the main roads whenever possible in something of a zig-zag pattern. Don't go straight north or you'll almost certainly get caught.

- Watch your map constantly. You don't ever want to be on the same road as a police cruiser, and if you are ever on one, get off it quickly. The map is the most efficient way to keep track of where they are and where they're moving.

- Use side streets. Yes, the main streets will get you to the north nice and quick, but they're often exposed. Take advantage of the neighbourhood's blocky layout, and don't be afraid to slip down alleyways if they're wide enough.

- Drive slowly. The police won't move very quickly until they've caught you, at which point you're dead anyway. Take your time, preserve your car, and think your way through the situation.

Aiden and Nicky say goodbye during the Ghosts of the Past mission in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden and Nicky say goodbye during the Ghosts of the Past mission in Watch_Dogs.

- Don't bother to try to take down the helicopter with hacking. You'll lose it shortly after you go on the lamb anyway.

- For that matter, don't bother using hacking period. You don't need to hack anything to survive. The police won't care if you trigger a steam pipe as a distraction.

- Don't be afraid to turn around. Again, this isn't all about speed. If there are police on an uncoming route, don't try to barrel through. Look for a gap in their lines elsewhere and double back. They aren't omnipresent.

- If you get too close to any police cruisers, shut your car down on the side of the road and wait for them to pass. They'll slide on by without IDing you nine out of ten times.

- Avoid blockades at all costs. Not only do they do the obvious and block your way, you'll get IDed veeeeery quickly if you come anywhere near the front of one. Find a side street whenever a blockade appears on your map. There will always be a second choice.

- Eventually you'll get outside the police range of influence, which is also outside town. Drive nice and slowly to your destination a little ways into Pawnee. Don't go too crazy - you still need to get Nicky and Jacks to the waypoint in one piece.

- Soon you'll hit a cut scene that will bring the mission to an end. Mournful.


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