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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-One: Unstoppable Force

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

T-Bone is liking Aiden more and more by the minute. The Fixer is delivering on his promises rather nicely, and his flair for quickly dispatching the bad guys is just too awesome for words. But now they have to infiltrate Blume's HQ, and they'd be much better off if Blume's security forces were just a teensy bit weaker. Say, oh, an entire convoy of troops weaker? Yep, sounds like a plan. Time to light up Pawnee with a good ol' fashioned street shootout.

Unstoppable Force

Location: Pawn Shop, Pawnee

Prerequisite(s): Complete A Pit of Paranoia

- Vacate the trailer park where A Pit of Paranoia took place and wait for T-Bone to call. Once he does, Unstoppable Force will appear in the middle of Pawnee. Head over to the Pawn Shop to trigger it. Make sure you have a car on hand - you're going to need it immediately after the mission begins.

- Aiden decides that the dudes over at Blume need some culling, and to that end he wants to take out a convoy of security professionals heading towards the Blume compound. Time to set a few traps and wipe out a few guys.

- Open your map. You'll see the path of the Blume convoy through Pawnee. Your goal is the take it out before it can reach the far east checkpoint. There are a fair few ways to get this done, most of which you should try to do before it leaves the many hackable spots in the residential area.

Aiden prepares a roadside ambush for a convoy heading through Pawnee in the Unstoppable Force mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden prepares a roadside ambush for a convoy heading through Pawnee in the Unstoppable Force mission of Watch_Dogs.
  • Clog up an intersection and fill it with IEDs. If you get lucky one of the intersections through which the convoy must pass will be clogged with cars, and you can muck with the street lights to cause some crashes. This will stop the convoy when it arrives. Lay down IEDs, blow them up to take out the vehicles, and mop up anyone who survives with gunfire or Frag Grenades. There's not a ton of cover on these street corners, so consider using cameras to get a good angle on the convoy while you hang back near the marina or in a backyard somewhere.
  • Clog up an intersection, find a place to snipe, and get to work. So long as you take out the driver of the largest vehicle first the rest of Blume's forces will stop the convoy and pour out of their cars. Note that sniping won't help you a whole heck of a lot against the heavily armoured soldier who emerges from the target truck.
  • Wait for the convoy to hit a steam pipe a ways down the street. Time it correctly and you'll wipe out the truck in one go. This is risky, as there's potential for missing the thing entirely and blowing your ambush.
  • Wait for the convoy to hit a pair of blockers near the railroad tracks on the edge of the residential area. These are fantastic for stopping the convoy, especially if the steam pipe didn't work, but you don't have a ton of cover with which to strike back. This is, at the very least, a good place to deploy explosives.
  • As something of a last resort, there's an intersection that's typically rather crowded near the edge of town, not far from the convoy's destination. You can't mess with any street lights, but it's not too difficult to spark a multi-car pileup.

Aiden lays down some explosives to take out the convoy in the Unstoppable Force mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden lays down some explosives to take out the convoy in the Unstoppable Force mission of Watch_Dogs.

- The trick to making it out alive from this confrontation is to know when to run. Technically all you need to do to complete the mission parameters is destroy the truck, and an properly-placed IED or Frag Grenade will do just that. Once the truck goes up in flames and Blume guys start pouring out of vehicles, get into a different car and bolt out of town. They'll quickly give up looking for you and the mission will end successfully. This is a great alternative for completing the mission if you aren't comfortable going toe-to-toe with Blume's heavily-armoured soldier.

- Demolishing, escaping, or otherwise stopping the convoy and escaping Blume's notice will end the mission in success for the good guys. It will also trigger a new mission near the convoy's destination: The Future is in Blume.


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