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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Six: The Rat's Lair

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Argh! Hackers! Just when Aiden thinks he's in the clear, another idiot with tech skills pops up to ruin his day. This time it's Defalt, a noisome little jerk who has made off with everything Aiden collected from Iraq. Fret not, though - T-Bone is more than capable of following the weirdo's trail, and Aiden will happily use such information to get revenge on the hoody-wearing thug. Let's see how good he is when he's not behind a computer screen.

The Rat's Lair

Location: Brewed Delight Coffee, Mad Mile

Prerequisite(s): Complete In Plain Sight

- The Rat's Lair pops up in Mad Mile after you escape the police from In Plain Sight. Zip back to Mad Mile, assuming you had to flee it to get away from the authorities (likely), and you'll find the waypoint on the border between Mad Mile and The Loop. It's a small coffee shop located beneath the freeway.

- Cross the road from the coffee shop after T-Bone asks for a connection. There's a building on the other side (still beneath the bridge) with a security router. Hack in for a puzzle.

Using some funky architecture to avoid trouble, Aiden sneaks past a cluster of roaming guards in The Rat's Lair mission of Watch_Dogs.
Using some funky architecture to avoid trouble, Aiden sneaks past a cluster of roaming guards in The Rat's Lair mission of Watch_Dogs.

- This puzzle has four locks.Start by twisting the t-junction beside the blue power source so it's running right, left, and down. Twist the bottom elbow junction to left / up to get through the first lock. Reorient the junction behind the lock to face up / right, then twist the second t-junction to face up, down, and left. This will undo the second lock. Turn the resulting junction to left / down for the third lock, then twist it again to up / right to flow into the final lock. Turn the last elbow junction, the one you just unlocked, to left / down to complete the puzzle.

- Jump to a camera. T-Bone will have some fun, then you get a new objective: save his butt. Again. Dude is a glutton for trouble.

- Run up to ground level. Immediately above the coffee shop is a danger area full of Fixers. You'll have to take them down... or sneak past them.

- Hop into the camera system from the stairs, then jump from one side of the area (nice sculptures) to the other. You'll see T-Bone hiding behind one of the sculptures. You need to get him from one side of the area and over to Aiden. Hacking via the cameras and telling T-Bone where to move will get this done.

Hacking Fun

- There are two cars on pedestals in the area. You can set off their car alarms and provide T-Bone with a quick distraction. These are easily the best way to distract the guards, though bear in mind that they're one-shot distractions. Make the most of T-Bone's movement in that time.

- One of the guards typically carries an explosive. If you want to remain secretive it's better not to trigger it, as that'll put the guards on high alert - and bring more dudes over who are otherwise covering the perimeter.

Aiden flees from trouble by car in The Rat's Lair mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden flees from trouble by car in The Rat's Lair mission of Watch_Dogs.

- You can make this area much easier by triggering a Blackout, which will put all of the guards on the defensive and allow T-Bone to rush through relatively unmolested to the other side.

- Ultimately you may wind up getting into a fight here, and that's easier to handle since it's a) not an automatic loss and b) helped along by T-Bone's presence. Use the sculptures as cover and fire on the soldiers with T-Bone's help. Again, a Blackout will really help you in this place, given all the electric lighting.

- Once T-Bone has made it to the other side of the area (or you've killed the guards), grab a car and follow him into the city. Once he's done talking a group of Fixers will show up in cars, and you'll be forced to escape them or take them down.

- How you deal with this part is up to you, but it's a bit easier to simply fight with the Fixers for one reason: Defalt. The irritating hacker has apparently been watching you, and he'll set off steam pipes near your car. More often than not you won't get a chance to use the steam pipes to your own advantage, and it's rather easy to drive through accidentally. If you do decide to escape rather than fight, head for the docks on the edge of Mad Mile and use the narrow parklands and multitude of blockers to outrun your opponents. Get behind an electronic gate that you can close and they'll never catch you.

- Upon escaping the Fixers the mission will end successfully, and when T-Bone is done talking you'll unlock a new mission: The Defalt Condition.


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