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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Eight: ctOS Control Center, Pawnee

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden is on the hunt for one Raymond Kenney, a hacker and whistleblower who would love to see justice meted out to Blume. Kenney's gone underground, though, and Aiden's tracked him to rustic Pawnee. Now all he needs is some good-ol'-fashioned ctOS access - and he knows just the place to get it.

ctOS Control Center, Pawnee

Location: Island compound, Pawnee

Prerequisite(s): Always unlocked

- A mission for unlocking the ctOS Control Center in Pawnee will pop up after completing Way off the Grid. You can also head to the region at any time you like and gain access. Either way, the ctOS Control Center is on a small island on the west side of Pawnee's bay.

Aiden scans the lakeside ctOS Centre of Pawnee by camera in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden scans the lakeside ctOS Centre of Pawnee by camera in Watch_Dogs.

- The island is not accessible by land. In order to get to it you'll have to ditch your vehicle and hop into the water. There are, as ever, multiple ways to access the control center.

  • First up, the front route. If you follow the waypoint you'll wind up at a small picnic area directly across from the island, and if you're feeling gutsy you can swim right across and get in some trouble. Not recommended - there's very little cover 'round these parts.
  • If you want you can also skirt the front of the compound and use the main docks to climb up and infiltrate the compound. This is risky, as one of the docks is typically home to a pair of guards who won't move very far, and you'll need to move rather quickly to avoid their eyes. Also not recommended, even if you decide to go with simple running-and-gunning.
  • Swim around the southern edge of the island and you'll find a small dock. The land next to the dock allows you to creep behind a building to get in. Slightly better.
  • Sweep around to the rear of the island (west side) and you'll find a second dock. There are no guards back here upon arrival, and there's a great deal more cover. You can also find a Frag Grenade in one of the bins. I recommend this route.

Hacking Fun

  • Altogether, not a whole lot of variety here. This island is relatively low-tech. Still, you can get a few things done via the island's camera system.
  • There are explosives against several of the houses, typically guarded. Boom.
  • There's a distraction sitting out in the open in the northern half of the island. You can use it to attract a guard, then sneak up and pop him from behind.
  • A large number of these guards can call for reinforcements. Target the comm holders first, or jam as appropriate.

Aiden looks for ways to mess with the guards ot the Pawnee ctOS Centre in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden looks for ways to mess with the guards ot the Pawnee ctOS Centre in Watch_Dogs.

- The guard with the access code you need is standing near the center-most house. Snag the code from him, then head to the bunker-like structure in the north. Puzzle!

- You start this one timed, so move quickly to deactivate the timer by twisting the t-junction so it's upside-down. Now you have time to think. To get rid of the first lock, simply twist the t-junction so it's facing up, down, and right. That done, twist the junction you just unlocked so it's redirecting into the primary lock, and change the untimed t-junction so it's facing left and up. Adjust the timed t-lock to right, left, and up, then unlock the final lock. Success!

- Server room. Hack into the servers as you wish to see the people of Chicago acting badly (per usual for this game - and make sure you pan all the way around on the second camera, since there are some hidden videos), then do what you came here to do. Pawnee is now your playground, and you'll immediately track down Kenney's location.

- New mission: Hope is a Sad Thing. Woo!


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