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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Seven: Way off the Grid

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden needs help. He has info, thanks to Bedbug, but the info is woefully incomplete - and Clara isn't skilled enough to help. Aiden must turn to a legendary hacker for help instead, and his first goal is to find the guy...

Way Off the Grid

Location: Bunker, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Planting a Bug

- After the long string of conversations following Planting a Bug, Way Off the Grid will appear back at the bunker. Fast travel there and head to Clara's station to begin the mission.

- You now need to track down a famous hacker named Kenney. Leave the bunker, grab a car from the lot, and head down to The Wards. You'll be in an area near the previous mission, not far from the pizzeria.

- Get close enough to the waypoint and the otherwise-normal neighbourhood will become a danger zone. There are now baddies prowling the place, and you'll need to take them out.

On the tail of a renowned hacker, Aiden is made while exploring a warehouse in the Way off the Grid mission of Watch_Dogs.
On the tail of a renowned hacker, Aiden is made while exploring a warehouse in the Way off the Grid mission of Watch_Dogs.

- First, the guys in the lot surrounding the large warehouse that dominates this block. Sneak into the parking lots surrounding the place and you'll find three guys wandering around. All of them are near explosive panels, and they tend to linger just a little too close for their own safety. Hop from camera to camera and take them out at your leisure. There are a ton of distractions here if you'd prefer to take them out personally, as well.

- A set of stairs at the rear of the building will take you inside, where you'll find three more dudes on the lower floor. As with outside, there's an excess of explosive panels in here, though not as many distractions. Stay put and wait for them to bumble too close to the panels or use the walkway as a sniper's nest. Either way, not that difficult a room to wipe clean.

- Check the area for an IED, Electronic Parts and an assortment of ammo once the guys are gone, then use the computer by the southern wall. Get ready...

- ... because once the trace of the computer starts, thugs will come in and engage you. Find sufficient cover while they're entering the warehouse (the desk won't do for most of this fight) and fire back. You need to wipe out all of the Fixers targeting Aiden. Use any explosives left to you if you get lucky; otherwise, just rely on your guns. Frag Grenades are pretty nice in here, as they tend to set off other gas tanks and may wipe out more than just your intended target. Move often to avoid being hit by grenades in return.

Aiden takes to the highway to flee from Fixers during the Way off the Grid mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden takes to the highway to flee from Fixers during the Way off the Grid mission of Watch_Dogs.

- After the Fixers are gone (and you do have to take them all down), return to the computer and wipe the hard drive. That done, a few lingering Fixers will hop into their ride - a fire truck! - and take off. You need to stop them before they get away.

- This chase is rather tough. The fire truck is slow, but it's also very sturdy. Forcing it off of the road on your own probably won't be an option. Instead, go for a vehicle that's small and fast so you can keep up with the thing and wait for the opportunity to hack it to death. It'll get on the freeway, and if you keep up long enough you'll hit a steam pipe you can blow to toss it into the air. If that doesn't work, continue to tail the beast and wait for an opportunity. It'll come eventually. Once it does, wipe out any Fixers who escape the fire truck and the mission will end.

- Be warned! If you don't stop the fire truck quickly enough you'll get the attention of the police, who will initiate scans to track you down. If they do the chase on the freeway will become much more difficult. Stay close to the fire truck during the pursuit - within twenty meters or so - and the scans should miss you completely.

- Take down the Fixer threat and you'll trigger a new quest in Pawnee, to the north. In this case, it's infiltrating yet another ctOS system. Yay! New area!


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