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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twenty: Uninvited

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Poor Bedbug. He seems like he has the potential to be a nice guy, but he's a little too caught up in his gang-banging ways. Now he's attracted the attention of Aiden, a man who's really serious about his work, and Aiden is more than happy to use Bedbug as a plant for infiltrating the Viceroys... even if it means blackmailing the lad. Poor, poor Bedbug.


Location: Freeway, Brandon Docks

Prerequisite(s): Complete Not a Job for Tyrone

- After finishing up the previous mission, you'll get a call from Jordi. Once you're done chattering the waypoint will pop up a short drive from The Wards. Head on over and you'll find it near an offramp from the freeway running through Brandon Docks, below a railroad track.

- Jordi is waiting for you behind a large building with a For Lease sign. Enter the alleyway behind it to trigger a cut scene. Once it's done, use an IED to destroy the ice cream truck Jordi is so keen on demolishing. The tutorial will show you how (assuming you haven't found any on your own and already tested how they work).

- Destroying the van will set a new waypoint to the east, in the midst of an abandoned brick factory. Get back on the road and make your way there. Once yo're on the grounds, check the office to the left of the front gate for an IED, some ammo, an audio log, and a live computer. Hack the computer (it's near the entrance to the office, right beside the IED) to get a look at the internal cameras. This will allow you to set booby traps.

Aiden, holed up in a warehouse, prepares to gun down a Viceroy during the Uninvited mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden, holed up in a warehouse, prepares to gun down a Viceroy during the Uninvited mission of Watch_Dogs.

- You now have two minutes to set up traps and cover spots for the Viceroys who are about to appear for their meeting. Here are some good spots:

In the middle of the work floor is a table with a coffee cup. Plant an IED nearby.

At the far ends of the floor are sets of tire tracks. These are probable spots for a parked car. Set IEDs on each. These should not be an option, as activating the explosives when the cars are just pulling up will eliminate the majority of the threats. They'll notably take out two heavily-armoured soldiers who would otherwise be a real pain to kill.

There are several protectors and forklifts on the ground. Raise and lower as appropriate to create positions where you can fire safely on threats.

Head upstairs and you'll find Electronic Parts and some ammo on the catwalk. You'll want both. You'll also want to stay up here if / when a gunfight breaks out, as it provides plenty of cover and a good view of everything on the bottom floor.

The entire room is encircled by the track of a movable crane. Activate the crane and it will move around the track, distracting anyone below. You can also use the crane as a sniper's nest if you get up onto the northern or southern catwalks, depending on where the crane is parked.

Last, there are several steam vents at either end of the floor. Guards will invariably wind up standing near these, and they're great as a distraction if you decide to snipe.

- The ensuing shootout varies from extremely difficult to simple, depending on your deployment of booby traps. Blowing up the two cars will eliminate a vast number of the threats, and if you keep yourself low and wait for goons with comm abilities to come out of cover you can demolish any chance of reinforcements. Mop up the rest from above and under cover. If you do wind up facing a large number of Viceroys, get to one side of the factory, take cover behind something sturdy, and exchange fire until you wipe them out. There are plenty of explosive items in here, so hurled IEDs or Frag Grenades stand a good chance of setting off more blasts. Don't be afraid to use the cameras, as well - though only if you have good, reliable cover.

Aiden spectacularly freaks out Tyrone at the end of the Uninvited mission of Watch_Dogs. Nothing like anonymous phone calls to mess with a low-level criminal.
Aiden spectacularly freaks out Tyrone at the end of the Uninvited mission of Watch_Dogs. Nothing like anonymous phone calls to mess with a low-level criminal.

- Once the Viceroys are eliminated you'll find a phone on the central table. Hack it to initiate a conversation with the last surviving Viceroy on the grounds...

- ... who will promptly flee in a car. You need to chase him down and take him out before he reports to Iraq, and for that you need your own vehicle. If you left the vans inside the factory intact, great; if not, go out the north-west side of the factory and you'll find a Viceroy car waiting. Hop in and chase through the factory's north-east exit.

- This is a relatively simple chase. Keep on the guy's butt and wait for him to hit something hackable. Once he does, demolish his car. If he survives the crash, run him over or hop out of your own and take him on foot. Done!

- After you've dealt with the Viceroy you need to track down Bedbug. He's far to the north, wandering the streets of The Loop. Head to his waypoint and, once again, tail him as he heads into a park. Hack his phone while in hiding, then, after you've freaked him out, hack the display in the park. This will bring the mission to a close and unlock a new one: Breadcrumbs.


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