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WatchDogs Review

Updated on June 16, 2014

The Disappointment of Watch Dogs

Lets talk about Watch Dogs, or rather the disappointment of Watch Dogs. Two years ago an amazing trailer was shown which promised groundbreaking graphics and game play to showcase the power of next gen systems i.e PS4 Xboxone,Wii u, etc. However since the release of Watch Dogs theirs been a torrent of upset users from every blog,vlog, and comment section from around the internet.Why, not because Watch Dogs is a bad game, no not at all. This is simply what happens when a game is hyped to ungodly proportions and doesn't quite make the cut. In fact Watch Dogs is a really good game just not as epic and groundbreaking as promised. Lets start with what upset gamers the most,graphics. At E3 2012 the game looked amazing, with a detail to shadowing, lighting, and some of the best weather effects we've ever seen. My eyes were about to start bleeding from the beauty of what I was seeing. However fast forward to 2014 and even with the best PC's pushed to the limit can not replicate what was seen at E3 2012.Its like meeting a girl online only to see them in person and find that their 50, 500lbs and a man. That hurt UbiSoft that hurt, next topic.

Traffic Light Hacking
Traffic Light Hacking | Source


Now this is where Watch Dogs excels in my opinion. Never before in an open world game do we get the options we do in this game.The city of Chicago is truly alive more so than any other game I've seen even surpassing Grand Theft Auto V. Every character you see or walk pass can in one way or another be interacted with. Your world pretty much revolves around a smart phone from hacking someones bank account to causing a black out around the city it's your best friend. If you're chased by enemies there's multiple ways to escape, hacking traffic lights, blowing up steam pipes its all there, hacking grenades jamming communications anything can be done. Unless you happen to wanna back hand a random person or preform a melee attack.Now players can use hand to hand on attacking NPC's (non playable characters), but the attacks you preform get stale very quickly. It basically consist of a hitting someone with a stick over and over again. From time to time you'll come across mini hacking games which are fun but aren't anything special. The AI is more than enough to keep you on your toes. You'll often find yourself surrounded if you sit in one place to long since most of the time you'll be outnumbered. Once again you got plenty of ways to even things out. Environmental attacks, lures, black outs etc. And if you get chased you can always total a couple of police cars it just ads to the fun.When it comes to multiplier Watch Dogs is pretty inventive. You'll most likely be hacking other players the most in which you have a limited amount of time to find who is hacking you or hide until you're done hacking them. Theres also racing, tailing missions and Saints row esque mini games on your phone. But hacking other players is honestly one of the funniest parts of the game,since the side missions while not bad get old pretty quick. It'll come down to stopping criminal convoys, killing of a gang or finding crimes and stopping them before they happen.One thing that really bugged me in this game is the driving. The physics are absolutely horrible, Every time you make a turn you end up plowing into pedestrians or side swiping a cop. Driving physics are just not up to par with the rest of the game.

Aiden | Source


To be honest the story is average.The supporting characters are awesome and each one has there own back story. A contract killer, punk rocker/hacker girl, former CIA crackpot, the list goes on. My beef is with the main character Aiden. He's just so,boring. He seems devoid of emotion and honestly comes off as kind of anal. Sure we understand he's out for revenge but where's all the flame, anger, sadness,regret, give someone that's charismatic and gives us something the care about. Aiden is just kinda... meh. This wouldn't be so glaring if the supporting characters were just a bit better utilized.For instance it would have been nice to call up Jordi and have him snipe a couple of baddies when you're overwhelmed.Little things like that are what give games value.But all in all the story serves its purpose.

Final Thoughts

Watch dogs is a good game that falls short of being great. Held back by a stale main character and an average story. What saves it is the game play which other open world games could take note of which is why I give Watch Dogs a 4 out 5 not a bad game, just way way way over hyped.

Whats your take on Watch Dogs

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4 stars for Watch Dogs


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    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      2 years ago from Austin TX

      Id consider how it also has great graphics, which makes the game awesome, but not like GTA or Bully (which you probaly never heard of)

    • Link10103 profile image


      4 years ago

      Ha, I traded GTA 5 in a month after I got it. I could deal with MP being withheld for 2 weeks after initial launch, but the whole thing was completely broken for 2 weeks after that. Then when you could actually play free roam, you couldnt do anything with your friends without getting stuck in infinite loading screens or getting your profile reset 5 times. I also just heard they pushed back the online heist missions AGAIN, but not only did they release some other dlc but they announced GTA 5 for new gen consoles. Priorities and such...

      I personally have no problem pre ordering games. If I decide I do not like what I see as the launch date gets closer, I can always cancel it and get my money back. I rarely ever pay off the full amount anyway, just the 5 dollars gamestop asks for. I would rather do that than decide "Ooh I want this game" but not be able to get it because they have no more left to offer.

    • Warren Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren James Alexander 

      4 years ago from Houston Tx

      Try GTA V online , Match making is pathetic broken. It was me vs 3 players and I fought to a draw and still lost. Don't ever pre- order a game its horrible ideal. Its like buying a car without test driving it

    • Link10103 profile image


      4 years ago

      Go figure, the day after I made that comment they released a patch that pretty much fixed the online aspect. I can join decryption matches with next to no problems and actually play without everything glitching out around me...mostly. The notoriety system is still broken, got 10 kills, 3 deaths and 75% file decrypted but ended up losing the match, lost 300 points. Person on the other team got 0 kills, 4 deaths and no decrypt but got 500+ points.

      I think I am going to platinum the game and not touch it again until they release DLC. The one time I actually buy a season pass and I regret it because now I can't trade the game in.

    • Warren Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren James Alexander 

      4 years ago from Houston Tx

      I agree Link10103 Graphics should have the lowest priority

    • cfin profile image


      4 years ago from The World we live in

      Meh, bought MK8, had brilliant fun and playing enough games on steam to not really want watch dogs right now. Huge sales but in reality, I'm not sure why people fell for the hype.

    • Link10103 profile image


      4 years ago

      The thing about the entire game that REALLY pissed me off, and no I could really care less about graphics, is the multiplayer. Free roam is a joke, there is absolutely nothing to do but shoot cops and duke it out with them until you die. No mini games, nothing. Even if you want to hop into a free roam lobby and kill other players, you can't because when you put it in adversarial mode all other players in the same mode disappear from your map, forcing you to drive around the whole city of Chicago to maybe find one person.

      Online decryption has to be the most broken game mode I have ever played before. I absolutely hate games that continue to use the peer to peer connection BS, in Watch Dogs I literally spawn into the match at 15 frames, let alone when I hop into a car. Everything glitches out on me constantly in any mode that isnt 1v1.

      I also learned that the more notoriety points you have, the less you will earn doing ANYTHING multiplayer related. I kill over 10 people and decrypt the majority of the file in Decryption but end up losing, bam I instantly lose over 300 points in notoriety. Yet the person on the other team, who has 1 kill and 4 deaths with 0% decrypted gets almost 600 points. Beyond broken.

      At its core, Watch Dogs is an average game. Completely over hyped and I am severely annoyed at that. I could deal with its mediocrity if the multiplayer side of it wasnt so broken for me on PS4


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