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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part One: Bottom of the Eighth

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

A hacking job botched. A hit put out. A family killed. Welcome to the happy-go-lucky realm of Watch_Dogs, an open-world action-adventure game with an emphasis on futuristic hacking techniques. As the game opens we step into the shoes of Aiden, a bitter, revenge-minded man who may have just tracked down the person responsible for destroying his life...

Bottom of the Eighth

Prerequisite(s): None

Reward: Skill Point, 100 XP

- The game begins with a simple combat tutorial. Play through it by following the prompts. Once that's done, hack into the phone your quarry dropped after he fled.

- Have a look around the darkened laundromat. Behind you is a path leading to the rear of a set of shelves; on the shelves you'll find a Bag of Cash. To the left of where you started is a Chemical Component, and beside the exit door are Meds. Always keep your eyes open for flashing items.

- Leave the room. You'll trigger a cut scene in the hallway where you meet Jordi, Aiden's weirdo partner. After he's done yapping you'll have to deal with the police. Yay! If you're spotted by the cops you'll immediately fail the mission, so it's imperative you stay out of their line of sight.

- There are two ways through the halls. The left pathway leads behind the police officers who are prowling the premeses. The right pathway will take you right out front of the officers. Creep your way to the right to start and you'll find a small office on your left as you pass through the doorway. Inside you'll find Meds, a Bag of Cash, and a Chemical Component.

Aiden hides while attempting to sneak past a security guard at a baseball stadium during Bottom of the Eighth.
Aiden hides while attempting to sneak past a security guard at a baseball stadium during Bottom of the Eighth.

- Now you have a pair of cops to bypass. Outside the office is a Pitching Machine. Hack it while you're still in the office and you'll distract one of the cops, allowing you to slip by unnoticed through the office's second door.

- One cop down. Hide behind the delivery van ahead and to the right of the office door. From here, hack the phone sitting near the body that the second cop is investigating. This will draw him away from the long ramp on your left. Run up the ramp while he's distracted. Stick close to the left wall of the ramp - the cops are fairly attentive, and they'll spot you if your head peeks between the concrete columns lining the ramp while they're looking in your direction.

- At the topof the ramp you'll find a gated fence. Climb the trash bin beside the fence to reach the exit door. The door's locked, and you'll have to hack through... though the camera above the door doesn't recognize Aiden. Rats.

- Hack the camera. You'll get a shot of another room. Swivel the camera to the left to spot a second camera. Hack it to jump perspectives, then hack another to your right. You'll now have a view of a wall of pennants. Hack the wall switch beneath the pennants to open the door.

- Jump back to Aiden. The door's open to the room you were just viewing. Step through... aaaaand... another cop.

- Check the desk Aiden uses as a hiding spot for Electronic Parts. Open the Weapon Wheel as instructed and hurl the distraction you create onto a nearby wall. Hack it to pull the cop away from his post, then run to the far end of the room, beside the stairs. Don't wait too long or he'll return to his post.

- Check the darkened area beside the stairs for an Unstable Chemical Component. If you're quick enough you can sweep in, grab the Component, and run around to the stairs before the guy settles back into his spot. If you're slow, or otherwise cautious, you can use the scaffolding beside the stairs to climb to the door that's your next waypoint.

- Through the door is a room full of gang members and cops, the latter harassing the former. Slip in beside the bar in the center of the room and edge around and behind it until you've crept in behind the cops on the opposite side of the room. Go through the open door on the left.

Aiden returns to his small 'home' after successfully escaping the authorities in Bottom of the Eighth.
Aiden returns to his small 'home' after successfully escaping the authorities in Bottom of the Eighth.

- Aiden will have a conversation with one of his associates in the hallway. Once they're done chatting, approach the glass doors at the end of the hall and hack the camera in the room beyond.

- More camera fun. You'll hear two people chatting, but you can't see them. Hack into the opposite camera in this room and you'll see a cop and a security guard chatting. Focus on the security guard and hack him for security access. Then hack the device on the left side of the room to swap to another camera, this one near the stadium's security mainframe. Hack the mainframe.

- Back to Aiden. Open the Weapon Wheel as instructed and choose Blackout. Trigger the Blackout to shut down the lights. This will also open the glass doors into the room you were scanning earlier.

- Slip past the guards. Nothing fancy needed, just stay out of their line of sight. Use the displays to play hide-and-seek. There are stairs in the rear; use them to escape the cops.

- Run for the exit in the hall full of concessions stands. Beyond is a bar full of disgruntled baseball fans, and you can hack one of them to listen in on an... interesting... conversation. Otherwise, not much to see.

- Leave the stadium and head north, minding the police cruisers that are patrolling the area. Don't descend to street level until they move away. Once they're gone, look for the small garage across the street and hop in the car inside.


All you need do now is keep away from the police cruisers until they've given up the chase. Slip through the streets and away from the stadium, heading south. You can hack street lights to cause chaos for the cops, if you wish, though it's just as wise to drive slowly and simply avoid the flashing lights on your map. Be careful while driving - the gas is veeeeery sensitive, and you don't want to gun the car too much. Retain a light touch and you shouldn't have too much trouble steering.

Once you've lost the cops, make your way to your Hideout (a room on the second floor of the Owl Hotel) to complete the mission. Expend your Skill Point and slip into bed for a well-deserved sleep.


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