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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Ten: Hold On, Kiddo

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Damien, Aiden's old associate from a botched job of yesteryear, has become rather insistent that they work together again. The creep is going so far as to pry into Aiden's personal life to enforce his cooperation - and as far as a personal life goes, Aiden only really has his family. Uh oh.

Hold On, Kiddo

Location: Central Bridge, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Dressed in Peels

- After breaking out of jail successfully in Dressed in Peels you'll get a phone call from Damien. Track him down to his waypoint in western The Loop. The waypoint is between the second and third bridges between the island and the main portion of The Loop, on the island's side. It's by a newsstand.

Aiden confronts Damien, his former partner, while visiting his sister's home in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden confronts Damien, his former partner, while visiting his sister's home in Watch_Dogs.

- After a little bit of conversation, Damien will call again. His revelation isn't pretty. After he's done talking, find a car and drive to Parker Square to the west. Your destination is directly west for a little while, then down some side streets and into a familiar neighbourhood.

- There's a cut scene waiting inside the house. Dire stuff. After it's done, Aiden will have to go after his nephew Jackson - and stop whomever is looking for the boy. Back to the car.

- Drive east a short ways, out of the neighbourhood, to arrive on the outskirts of the train station Aiden IDed. Make sure you trigger the gate leading into this neighbourhood well in advance, as you only have 20 seconds to reach the next waypoint before the mission ends in failure. Get through and onto the next road at top speed. Once you arrive at the station, immediately hack the train to send it away.

- Two Fixer cars will head off in pursuit of Jackson's train, their route noted on the map in green. You need to stop both cars before they can reach him. Stopping the first car is actually extremely easy: follow the cars as they start to move around the right corner from the station and you'll have a chance to immediately throw up a blockade by hacking a set of barriers. This will eliminate one of the cars. Drive around and past it.

- The second car isn't much more difficult if you're fast. Follow it down the street a ways and it will get near a steam pipe. Hit the steam pipe as you're passing to take the car out. If possible, wipe this car out before it gets that far, though...

Aiden messes with the schedule of a commuter train during the Hold On, Kiddo mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden messes with the schedule of a commuter train during the Hold On, Kiddo mission of Watch_Dogs.

- ... as it will call for reinforcements. Assuming you can't do anything about the reinforcements you'll have to kill a bunch of Fixers gunning for Aiden before you can proceed with the mission. You can lead them on a merry romp through the city if you wish, but it's a bit easier to back your car into a niche somewhere, use it for cover (make sure no one can sneak up behind you), and exchange fire with the Fixers. Kill them all and you can proceed with the mission.

- If you decide to try to outdrive / hack the Fixers to death, be prepared for a lot of rough driving. They love to ram your car, and aren't shy about forcing you into barriers or other vehicles. Stick to the smaller streets in the immediate area and use the many hackable barriers to wipe them out. If you can cripple their cars you'll drive them out onto the street, where a quick hit with your car will finish the job. Just don't stay in one place, as they're terribly good shots with their guns and will plug you rather easily in the driver's seat.

- One way or another you'll off the baddies. Get a new car (you may well need one after all that, though if not, good on you) and drive down to the next station in the south. Hop on the train to spark a cut scene.

- Once the cut scene is done you'll be done with the mission - and Act I, for that matter. Your next mission, Tools of the Trade, will take you into Act II. Exciting stuff and new parts of the city await.


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