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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Three: Foresight, Backstage Pass

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden's powers of hacking seem almost godly in the digital world of Chicago, but he's only as good as his access allows. Outside Parker Square he's almost - almost - a normal person. But he knows how to get around that, and in this pair of missions he'll be sneaking into a heavily-fortified ctOS station to expand his range of influence...


Location: DB & R Weaponsmiths, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Big Brother

- After completing Big Brother you'll likely be in some random part of the city. Depends entirely on how quickly you managed to subdue the creep stalking Aiden't sister. Regardless, Foresight is located to the east of Parker Square, in the heart of the city. Look for a weapon's shop.

- You need to purchase the 416 Assault Rifle to continue the mission. It'll run you $1,200. If you can afford it now, great; if not, take to the streets and search for ATM hacking targets back in Parker Square.

- Buying it will trigger a quick audio conversation on the TV. Listen to it or not - basically you're up against some stiff competition - then leave. Head east along the side streets. (Try to keep the car you came in, as well - this section of the city is packed with people who will probably spot you trying to hijack parked cars.) You're now in a new quest.

Aiden hides from guards while attempting to infiltrate a ctOS Center during the Backstage Pass Mission in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden hides from guards while attempting to infiltrate a ctOS Center during the Backstage Pass Mission in Watch_Dogs.

Backstage Pass

Location: ctOS Control Center

Prerequisite(s): Complete Foresight

- Before you enter this area you should note that there are lots of cameras you can hack, allowing you to take out many of the guards. Zip from camera to camera and exploit any dangerous objects you find (my favourite was the crane on the right that squashed two guards with a container) to wipe out the competition. Be prepared to run in if you kill any guards, though - waiting too long will alert the rest, and possibly bring in reinforcements.

- The waypoint is behind some rather intense security, and you'll need to bypass a guarded gate to enter the restricted area. You can either hack the guard's phone and provide a distraction that will make him leave (in a few hours) or you can open the gate he's guarding remotely. This will arouse his suspicions - at least until you activate the noise distraction behind him. Once he's turned, run in. Make sure you open the gate first if you take this approach.

- Alternatively, run down the alley to the left of the main gate. There's a door you can hack open and slip through. This route is more dangerous than the front way, as the guards are likely to notice your entrance. There's another door on the right side of the gate that's slightly less risky.

- There are numerous guards patrolling this area. You can distract them if you want, but it's just as easy to slink to the right of the gate and up to the side of the building. There's a lift here that can take you up to the second floor of the building. Be warned - this will probably draw some eyes. Set off car alarms in the lot beside the building to draw attention away from the lift.

- (If you feel like exploring, you can find a number of items in the lot. The first truck near the west gate contains Electronic Parts; more Electronic Parts are sitting by the stairs on the first floor of the building; and there's a Chemical Component on a stack of lumber by the east gate.)

The player hacks into a ctOS security system, performing a puzzle to gain access to Chicago's camera network in Watch_Dogs.
The player hacks into a ctOS security system, performing a puzzle to gain access to Chicago's camera network in Watch_Dogs.

- To your right on the second floor of the building are several stacks of green piping. Slink up beside them and scan the southern side of the building. One of the guards has the server access you need to complete your current objective. Duck down behind the pipes and hack away at a safe distance.

- One you have the access code you'll have to make your way to the east end of the building's second floor. This isn't a bad spot for a shootout, thanks to all the cover, but it's more fun to sneak around. Use the numerous distractions and your own Lures to tempt the guards away from key spots as you make your way to the waypoint. If you do get into a firefight, target the guard that can summon more help first. Keep your eye open for Assault Rifle Ammunition and more Electronic Parts on the way to the waypoint. You'll find another Chemical Component near the waypoint, as well.

- The waypoint is the access panel requiring the code you just acquired. Once you're in you'll be presented with a simple series of lock junctions that you'll have to align to open the locks in the system. Hack the junction paths so they line up in such a way that the blue path is travelling to the lock at the end of the puzzle. Fiddly, but not difficult. The third such puzzle is timed once you hack one of the junctions, so move quickly.

- Once you solve all three puzzles you'll be connected to the Loop Control Center's camera. Hack the three standard servers in here for some disturbing drone video feeds of the public, then Unlock the ctOS mainframe for more complete access to The Loop.

- Woo! You now have access to everyone travelling 'round The Loop. You can hack phones, you can steal ATM info, you can get in on conversations, the works. You've also unlocked a new mission, Backseat Driver, and you probably have an idea where that might lead.


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