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Ways To Improve Your Gamerscore

Updated on July 15, 2012

Xbox 360 Gamerscore!! Are you obsessed with it? Are you what they would call a gamerscore whore,well look if you are then this hub is probably not for you as you will know everything i am about to write about,this hub is for new gamers or for gamers like myself who during times of boring games and with no new decent ones on the market turn to boosting my gamerscorejust so as i am not so bored.Having a high gamerscore does give you an air of authority though despite what people might say about it not mattering and it just shows that people don't have a life etc etc.My friend got his xbox about 3 months after me and is now at least 12000 points ahead of me in gamerscore,when i look at it overall it sometimes bothers me i must be true.But this is what this hub is here to help you with,ways to boost your gamerscore just so you can catch up that annoying friend who always goes on about the fact he is beating you in the gamerscore front.

I will give you guys and gals a list of some of the best games to rent in order to boost your gamerscore,remember it is not worth buying these games unless you actually think they will be any good,most of the easiest games for getting good gamerscore are rubbish so probably better to rent for a couple of days and squeeze any points you can out of them.

Avatar The Last Airbender

Everyone knows about this game right?no,well its the easiest on the market right now and you can gain 1000 points in less than 6minutes,The game is quite terrible so if you can find it to rent then please rent it as buying it would be a mistake,unless you buy it with a friend and split the cost.Check the video below for full details on how to beat this game.

King Kong

One of the first games to come out on the 360 and to be honest pretty easy, a nice 1000 for a straight play through which for an average gamer will take roughly 8 hours,so take a day off work and earn yourself a 100 points.

Fight Night Round 3

This is the only game i have got all 1000 points on and i wasn't even trying to hard to get them just play through the single player which is quite enjoyable and those gamerpoints are yours,an easy 1000 which will only take say 10-12 hours of hardcore boxing.Any problems with this game then visit my other hub which is fight night tips.


Game of the year 2007 and to be honest i have only just recently picked this up and started playing it,great game and if you are an average gamer you should complete it fairly easily and you will earn yourself around the 700 point mark in less than 12 hours.Another great game with easy points to accomplish.

Fallout 3

The points are easy but if you have a laptop and can get a copy of fallout 3 for windows then you don't even have to play the game as you can open up all 1500 points by simply loading the game up on your pc and the points get sent to your xbox account.My friend had never played the game and i looked and saw that he had 1500 points and i was livid!!

Assassins Creed 2

A very easy 900 gamerpoints by simply playing the game through,i ended up spending probably about 20 hours all in but in a weekend you could complete this and end up with just over 900 gamerpoints or more if you remember where all the feathers are.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

An easy 1000 points if you just simply play through the game like most people do,a good game which you may want to buy instead of rent,takes a while to play it through first time so give yourself a weekend to it and there's another 1000 points in the bag!!

Summing Up

What i will say is this and i will say it only once,do not use hacks or any other kind of cheat because if you are caught out the penalties are severe,there are a couple of world class gamers that got so addicted to gamerscore that despite their already impressive score of over 200,000 points they decided to use hacks and cheats and Microsoft simply wiped their points and made it as if they had brought their xbox yesterday.Don't do it!!!!

The worlds best is currently Stallion83 who at the time of writing has over 501,000 gamerpoints and is looking to a million.Good luck Stallion!!!!


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    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      I have played king kong and fight night round 3. King kong is prob by far the easiest game ever made to get achievements that I have played.(avatar seems even easier. Some games,however, are very hard to even get 500/1000...

      I currently have a gamer score of 40,000

      I was in the 30,000ish range for a long time I believe. Most of my score comes from 2007 and 08...

      I don't care about gamerscore as much now, but i still go for achievements. The rate I was going looked like I was going to get to 60000. I only bought two games in 2009 though. I hate spending 60$ on games anymore

    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 7 years ago

      i just published my first please read it and tell me what you think and ways to improve thankyou

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Yeah had mine since new and mine isnt great either,about 15700 but i have a friend who is nearer the 100,000 mark!!!

    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 7 years ago

      goood as im not new to xbx and have owned one since it first came out but yet only have managed 3560 score preety crrap but im more obbessed with completing the games and fut11 but your hub makes sense as if heard of the 1000 score in 6 mins on the avartar game so good hub.