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Web Browser Games

Updated on August 2, 2009

Hi there folks! I´ve decided to write this whole page to help you guys finding awesome browser games, that you won´t stop playing after registering but if you are impatient probably this isn´t the king of game you'll like. Just keep reading if you´re interested.

Player's Profile

This kind of games isn`t for everybody, they take very much time and it only work for who likes to make thing in long term, for example. Just after more than an year registered on Ikariam (Portugal) playing every single day this wonderful game i finally get the top 40 players on the server, and i could be much more ranked if i had play this game even more than what i`ve played and making as many attacks i could (this takes huge amounts of time, but is a great way to boost the score growing)

So if you don´t have any of those characteristics you should reconsider if this is your kind of game.

You need to:

  • Be a Patient Guy
  • Have a lot of free time
  • Internet Connection at home/work (any place where you stay very often)

Common Rules

The rules in this kind of games are 90% the same thing.The other 10% usually is related to the specified game theme. I´ll use Ogame to explain you everyshing easier, if you still don´t understand you can always use the comments at the end of this page.

Some Common Rules:

  • One account per ip on the same server, because this is the only way that Game Operators has to control Multi-accounts. If you want to play with some brother or something that will need to use the same computer warn the GO and don´ interact with both accounts each other.
  • Don´t use inappropriate language. This is a easy way to get some holidays of the game. Just say calm. No matter what appends!
  • Don´t share your account, no one likes to find any account which is played by several persons....
  • Don´t use not allowed scripts. In certain cases, the self team of the game regularizes the scripts made for the game, and in some cases allow them for the players use if you didn´t find that allowed script list just don´t use anything without asking some GO or something else.

Ikariam Logo
Ikariam Logo
Ogame Logo
Ogame Logo
Banana King Logo
Banana King Logo

Some Web Browser Games

Now that you already have the essential information let me show you some of the best games around the web to have a good time with those online games. The main producers of those games are GameForge and RedMoonStudios.

Banana King

The whole game is about making business planting bananas. When you begin playing the game you have a small portion of land abble to cultivate bananas, but as soon as you beggin collecting the production and selling it on the market you will earn money to expand your bananas plantation and buy seeds to keep producing bananas. After that just try to be the best banana plantation owener with the larger plantation.


This one of the most famous games in Browser Games kind with more than 30 million players around the world competing for the Universe Supremacy. Inside the game the players are galatic emperors expanding their empire around the whole universe. You can play different ways like being a merchant of raw materials or maybe an universe thread with HUGE Armys attacking any player on your way or simply follow your strategy and have fun! The interest of milions of players stills unbroken after the opening of the game 6 years ago! Join them too!


This is the latest and the most promising game from GameForge's portfolio, cause it shines with his awesomely worked graphics which can be easily compared with several modern computer games but also a fascinating trade, warfare and diplomacy that appends while you play, its AWESOME. Ikariam´s story starts in a desert island somewhere in the Mediterranean where a small colony has been founded by you where it will have several workers, soldiers and scientists that will increase while your city grows and your empire starts to gain the pillars.

i would recomend a fast check in the follow blog, cause it has many tips, tutorials and scripts for Ikariam.


Very similar to GF's Bitefight, Monstersgame is an online game about a battle between Vampires and Werewolver.Since thousends of years ago that those tho species are in an ultimate battle to decide who will rule the world. Now you have the oportunity to join the war and peharps helps your race on the rankings. Attack the enemy race and steal their gold while you can grow your monster and grow in the server rankings!

Ikariam Trailer [HD]

Ogame Trailer (For the redesign coming)


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