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Webkinz Signature Endangered Pets

Updated on September 25, 2012

Webkinz Signature Endangered Species!

On January 22nd, 2010 Ganz announced this new line of Signature Pets.

Signature Endangered pets are large, soft & cuddly stuffed animals. When you adopt one of these pets you are given a special piece of furniture from a Signature Endangered room theme in Webkinz World, a Wish Token, and a Sanctuary Gift Pack that includes an Endangered-exclusive Sanctuary wallpaper and flooring.

Prices for Signature Endangered Pets range from $13.00 up to $30.00.

All Signature Endangered pets are based on actual endangered animals. The very first of the Signature Endangered Line is the beautiful Bengal Tiger which came out in March 2010. The final animal of the series, the Red Panda, was released a year later in March 2011.

You'll find the entire line of Webkinz Signature Endangered pets below.

Webkinz Endangered Pets from 2010

  1. Endangered Bengal Tiger March 2010.
  2. Endangered Asian Elephant April 2010.
  3. Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra May 2010.
  4. Endangered Clouded Leopard June 2010.
  5. Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla July 2010.
  6. Endangered Brown Bear August 2010.
  7. Endangered Red Wolf September 2010.
  8. Endangered Cougar October 2010.
  9. Endangered Black African Rhinoceros November 2010.
  10. Endangered Polar Bear December 2010.

Webkinz Signature Endangered Bengal Tiger

Pet Specific Item:
Wild Game Gourmet BBQ

Pet Specific Food:
Stealthy Steak Tartar

"The Signature Endangered Bengal Tiger is shy but ready to warm up to you if you care for it. Your love will be rewarded in turn, as this timid tiger comes with a Wild Game Gourmet BBQ, Stealthy Steak Tatar, and the Dry Forest Sanctuary Gift Pack"


Endangered Asian Elephant

Buy a Signature Endangered Asian Elephant

Pet Specific Item:
Jumbo Jungle Shower

Pet Specific Food:
Peanut Butter and Banana Split

"Standing tall, proud, and strong, the stoic Signature Endangered Asian Elephant is one of the largest and most impressive animals in all of Webkinz World. The wise and quiet Asian Elephant has a great memory, so playing with it and caring for it will earn you a friend for life!"

Signature Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra

Buy a Signature Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra

Pet Specific Item: Peaceful Plains Piano

Pet Specific Food: Wild Flower Fondue

"The Cape Mountain Zebra is no ordinary Zebra. This pet has pizazz. With it's wonderful white stripes this zebra can perfect a fashionable look anywhere, anytime. This posh pet loves stirring up it's famous Wild Flower Fondue while playing sweet tunes on it's Peaceful Plains Piano."

Signature Endangered Clouded Leopard

Buy a Signature Endangered Clouded Leopard

Pet Specific Item: Canopy Treadmill

Pet Specific Food: Wild Game Gratin

"The magnificent Endangered Clouded Leopard has a beautifully clouded coat and ringtail that is the talk of Webkinz World. This heavenly feline often keeps fit and flexible by running on it's Canopy Treadmill. After a big workout the Clouded Leopard likes to re-energize by consuming delicious Wild Game Gratin."

Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla

Buy a Signature Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla

Pet Specific Item: Rainforest Retreat

Pet Specific Food: Hearty Bamboo Stew

"The Western Lowland Gorilla is a rare and prideful jungle pet that will beat it's chest for your attention. Pets love to hang out with this principle primate for it's no nonsense, take charge attitude. When this pet isn't running the show it likes to relax in it's Rainforest Retreat while feasting on Hearty Bamboo Stew."

Signature Endangered Brown Bear

Buy a Webkinz Signature Endangered Brown Bear

Pet Specific Item: Hibernation Hut

Pet Specific Food: Honey Glazed Salmon

"None can compare to the Signature Endangered Brown Bear! This pet is nutty for nature and lioves a friendly forest gathering . If you're lucky you just might get invited to its Hibernation Hut for an exquisite meal of Honey Glazed Salmon."

Signature Endangered Red Wolf

Buy a Webkinz Signature Endangered Red Wolf

Pet Specific Item: Endangered Island Getaway

Pet Specific Food: Root Deer Float

"The Endangered Red Wolf can sniff out a great friend from a mile away. With it's attentive ears and exquisite coat, this awesome pet is always up for an outdoor adventure. If you can, catch the Red Wolf venturing out to it's Endangered Island Getaway while taking brief breaks to indulge in Root Deer Float."

Signature Endangered Cougar

Buy a Webkinz Signature Endangered Cougar

Pet Specific Item: Mountain Climbing Cliff

Pet Specific Food: Leaping Lamb Kebabs

"No one turns down a hug from the cuddly cougar. This pet might seem like a tough outdoorsy type, but there's nothing that the cougar likes more than to hang out with it's best friends. This terrific feline has a soft spot for going on long walks by the Mountain Climbing Cliff and eating Leaping Lamp Kebabs with it's pals."

Signature Endangered Black African Rhinoceros

Buy a Webkinz Signature Endangered African Rhino

Pet Specific Item: Mud Wallow Hot Springs

Pet Specific Food: Savanna Shoot Sandwich

"The Black African Rhino really likes going for a good wallow and munching on a tasty Savanna Shoot Sandwich!"

Signature Endangered Polar Bear

Buy a Webkinz Signature Endangered Polar Bear

Pet Specific Item: Arctic Ice Spa

Pet Specific Food: Signature Seal Meal

"This Polar Bear is a daring Arctic adventurer with a heart of gold. There's nothing this strong, brave pet can't do. The Polar Bear loves a challenge. After a long day of excitement and action you can help your pet chill out with a Signature Seal Meal and a dip in the Arctic Ice Spa."

Webkinz Endangered Pets from 2011

  1. Endangered Iberian Lynx January 2011.
  2. Endangered Dama Gazelle February 2011.
  3. Endangered Red Panda March 2011.

The Webkinz Endangered Signature line was then retired.

Webkinz Signature Endangered Iberian Lynx

Pet Specific Item:
Juniper Tree Hammock

Pet Specific Food:
Reptile Ravioli

"This majestic wild cat is an excellent student who always does its homework right away. The Lynx prefers Reptile Ravioli for dinner before settling in to its cozy Juniper Tree Hammock!"

Webkinz Signature Endangered Dama Gazelle

Buy a Webkinz Signature Endangered Dama Gazelle

Pet Specific Item: Desert Break

Pet Specific Food: Acacia Leaf Lasagna

"Dama Gazelles are sweet and quiet pets. They enjoy visiting with friends, taking trips to the Park and shopping at the W Shop. Want to make your Gazelle really happy? Just pick up a plate of Acacia Leaf Lasagna!"

Webkinz Signature Endangered Red Panda

Pet Specific Item: Secluded Spa

Pet Specific Food: Bamboo Fondue

"The Signature Endangered Red Panda is one gorgeous pet. Known for being adventurous, worldly and friendly, this fantastic Panda prefers to keep busy. After a long day of playing in Webkinz World, treat your Panda to a relaxing rest in their Secluded Spa, and then prepare a rejuvenating snack of Bamboo Fondue!"

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Comments from 'Kinzers

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    • profile image

      emily 4 years ago

      so cute i love the white fox hahahaha :)

    • profile image

      Honks45 5 years ago

      Oh yeah I have all of them I named my polar bear Snow.

    • profile image

      CR! 5 years ago

      Im going to get the cougar!! cant wait.

    • profile image

      hi 5 years ago


    • profile image

      CougerZ 6 years ago

      I got the couger at cracker barrel and I love it!!!!! I don't have a name for it yet tho

    • profile image

      maddie 6 years ago

      i really want more sinature i only have 3!!!

    • profile image

      Taka 6 years ago

      if anyone has a signature timber wolf under (or slightly over) $30 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sooooooo desperate!!! ive already decided what im going to name it,steam!

    • profile image

      Melissa 6 years ago

      I have the red wolf

    • Christene profile image

      Christene 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      That isn't a Signature Endangered pet.

      I have the Webkinz Signature Timber Wolf here:

    • profile image

      Shadow 6 years ago

      You missed the timber wolf which i have :(

    • profile image

      I have an ENDANGERED webkinz 6 years ago

      The RED panda is so adorable! I recommend this pet.

    • profile image

      cocoa 6 years ago

      i call the red panda

    • profile image

      starrystarr33s #1 fan 6 years ago

      call me if you find it ..................... or the bunny WILL eat you.....

    • profile image

      starrystarr33s #1 fan 6 years ago

      hope you find the right page Emily ;)

    • profile image

      starrystarr33s #1 fan 6 years ago

      hi charlie if you're reading this i just want to tell you i have that lady bow picture you made me is hanging on my TV stand a long with a picture i drew of you and a poster that says i love charlie sisson..........if your not sure its me....ITS AUBREY!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      starrystarr33's #1 fan 6 years ago

      oh yah lonepine i have over 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      starrystarr33's #1 fan 6 years ago

      I think Webkinz are cute but some are just so WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      starrystarr33's 1# fan 6 years ago

      please get on youtube and look at starrystarr33's videos little kid will like her videos I'm 9 and i like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Lonepine 6 years ago

      I have over 35 webkinz!!! I already have the red wolf, iberian lynx, clouded leopard, and the cougar. i know where 2 get them if anyone wants 2 know. teehee I LUV WEBKINZ!!!!!!!! :)

    • profile image

      Katie 6 years ago

      So getting one for my friends B-day!

    • philipandrews188 profile image

      philipandrews188 6 years ago

      Very nice Christene.

    • profile image

      i love webkinz 7 years ago

      i love the endangered but i can't afford them they are so cute though especially the dama gazelle and tiger

    • profile image

      person 7 years ago

      sure these animals are cute but what is the point in saying these animals are endangered if you dont do anything

      at least some of the money should go to helping the animal you buy

      i would totally get the red panda that is coming out if that were the case but...

      i think it would be better to get one from wwf

      it maybe more expensive but they really do what they can to help animals whereas webkinz is just taking money for themselves

    • profile image

      RayTayBunny64 7 years ago

      i love webkinz

    • profile image

      RayTayBunny64 7 years ago

      I have endangered bengal tiger and endangered aisan elephant 90 webkinz in total

    • profile image

      jacob 7 years ago

      webkinz signature endangered polar bear and signature endangered black african rhinoceros is the best webkinz ever!!!

    • profile image

      molly 7 years ago

      These endangered signature webkinz are so cute!!!!

    • profile image

      Brooke Barry 7 years ago

      i named my polar bear "blizzard" and it is soo adorable

    • profile image

      endangered species collector 7 years ago

      I have every one.They are so awesome

    • profile image

      Ada 7 years ago

      I really want the Signature Polar Bear! Its so adorable!!! But i have no idea what i would name it! :D

    • profile image

      Sinead 7 years ago

      I have the endangered elephant, they are so adorable. And the elephant shower is so cool and free.

    • profile image

      laura 7 years ago

      i want the signature endangered brown bear,red wolf,cougar,african rhino,and polar bear. they look so cute.i have everything else except those.

    • profile image

      carol 7 years ago

      i woul like the african rhino

    • profile image

      me 7 years ago

      if ant one has the red wolf tell me

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      i have 4 out of ten. the endangered bengal tiger,the endangered asian elephant,the endangered cape mountain zebra,and the endangered clouded leopard. they all look so cute. i cant wait until i get the others.

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      the endangered webkinz look so cute!

    • profile image

      dory 7 years ago

      endangered webkinz are cool!

    • profile image

      emily 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Jasmine 7 years ago

      that was beautiful!

    • profile image

      david 7 years ago

      I have the signature endangered asain elaphant and signature endangered clouded leapard (there both so cute:);)=D

    • profile image

      david 7 years ago

      the signature endangered Grozzly bear and the signature endangered western lowland gorilla;):):D

    • profile image

      Tonks 8 years ago

      Sure the Tiger looks real fuzzy and plushy, but the others look kind of stiff and ugly and kinda "display it on a shelf" kind of stuffies, know what I mean?


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