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What Can I Do With Microsoft Points - What are the Best Games to Buy With Microsoft Points

Updated on May 29, 2013

What are Microsoft Points

Microsoft Points are simply the way you purchase content over the Xbox Live Marketplace. It is if you like the currency of the xbox and the way you buy and download content over the internet for the Xbox 360.

It is always very handy to buy Microsoft Points as you will never know when you may want them - whether to buy some awesome arcade games, the Deals of the week, new DLC, map packs, songs, themes, avatar gear, gamerpics and more!

Want some Microsoft Points?

What can you do with Microsoft Points

As I have said Microsoft Points are the currency of the xbox 360 and allow you to buy anything available on the xbox live marketplace including arcade games, games on demand, renting movies, DLC, songs, themes, avatar awards, special offers and much more!  You will need them if you want to have good content and like your Xbox!

What to buy

If you already know the type of content that is sold on Xbox Live but just can't decide what exactly to buy I can probably help!

Arcade Games

I really do recommend arcade games and think they are the best thing to spend your Microsoft Points on especially if they are on special offers like Deal of the Week. However always check up online or with a friends or at least try the demo to make sure you will like and enjoy it! If you are new to Xbox Live there are many old and new classics waiting to be played!

Here is a list of some of the best 10 arcade games


If you are a shooter fan there are many fantastic map packs for games like Halo, Gears of War and Call of Duty. There are also many great songs for games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Also there is DLC for nearly every game out there if you just check up on the xbox!


While I have not done so myself you can also rent movies in high or standard definition with your Microsoft Points! There are many great films available and my best advice is to just check it out!


As you can see there is a lot you can buy with your Microsoft points and they are also a great gift for anyone who has an Xbox and Xbox Live and they are the virtual currency of the Xbox 360.

Cheap Microsoft Points


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