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What Is A Star Wars Force Trainer

Updated on January 6, 2015

What Is A Star Wars Force Trainer ?

Star Wars Force Trainer

Have you ever imagined yourself training like a true Jedi knight? Learning to levitate things with your mind, the way Luke and Obi Wan did in the movies? Dream no more—you just might get your wish!

The Star Wars Force Trainer is a toy (or is it?) that uses your own brain power to actually levitate a ball, held securely inside of a tube. A lot of people are astounded by the demonstrations by this amazing device and wonder, is this some kind of trick? A sham? Or could it be the real thing?

Let’s take a closer look at the Force training and try to figure out if this device is truth or myth, so that you can draw your own conclusions.

used with permission
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What Is a Force Trainer?

The Star Wars Force Trainer is said to be a brain-computer interface plaything. It was released in 2009 first priced at $130 however now one may buy it at $79.99 or maybe even less. It looks essentially like a toy tube with a ball inside, and a plastic headset. The manufacturer -- Uncle Milton Industries -- says the Force Trainer creates an “illusion” of performing Jedi Mind tricks yourself. The important word here is “illusion” which means that you are not actually levitating anything; but it’s not quite that simple.

Even though you’re not actually doing the levitation (a small fan in the tube does that), you are activating the fan and controlling it with your own brain waves.

The headset is actually an EEG contraption, as in electroencephalogram. An EEG is a tool that doctors use to measure brain activity doing various cognitive functions. Psychiatrists, neuroscientists and others in the medical community will attach small electrodes to the head and use EEG machines to measure the electrical activity coming from the brain. You may have heard of these devices, had one used on you or perhaps know someone who has had an EEG done.

Inside the Force Trainer helmet there is a basic EEG that measures your brain waves. When you are able to achieve a state of mind of calm concentration, the EEG picks up those brain waves and it causes the fan inside the tube to be activated. That part is not a trick! The weird thing here is that the only traditional (and the only possible) “mechanism” of moving things by brain force concentration (and thus directly without any mediator) on the actual item. The strength of the concentration can change the force of the fan, making it stronger and weaker, thus controlling the height and speed of the levitating ball.

So you do actually have to use the power of your mind—that zen, Jedi power that looks so cool!

Girl Uses Star Wars Force Trainer

.But How Does That Really Work?

The company’s executive vice-president ones explained how the device works. According to him, the headset (wireless) senses brain waves by dry sensor technology and determines the difference between “alpha, beta, gamma, and delta waves”. Then the force trainer chip interprets the wave data and transforms it in a physical impulse and thus moves the ball to different sectors of the tube. According to the company representative “a fan inside the base actually lifts the ball” but the person’s brain controls how high the ball lifts and how it moves. There are fifteen levels and reaching upper ones other sound effects are being activated.

It is not that some people produce more powerful brainwaves that the ball will react better. The toy is explained to depend rather on the person’s ability to concentrate. The executive official of the company says it is much like “the concept of practicing the Force as you see in the films.” Funny, isn’t it?

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So, Does That Sound Like a Myth?

Now you make your conclusions about Star Wars Force Trainer - whether it is true or just another brainwashing. If you’ve ever seen it work or used it yourself, it’s hard to believe that it’s just a toy. And when you think about it, this toy actually does teach you to train your mind—that is, to achieve the mental discipline to focus, concentrate and remain calm and mindful—at will. Maybe you can’t pull a spaceship out of a swamp like Yoda, but this kind of mental discipline can really come in handy—particularly for children! Studies show that being mindful and focus can benefit people when taking tests, to remain calm while being in pain or in a crisis or to help think through problems.

Could this be the wave of the future? Do you think you can do it? As Yoda says: “Do, or do not; there is no try.”

Finally, a device that allows you to see if the force is truly with you!


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