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What Is Rage Of Bahamut? (Guide and Review)

Updated on December 25, 2012
Yep. That's Bahamut right there.
Yep. That's Bahamut right there.

Greetings all folks interested in Rage of Bahamut! Pull out your android or iphone and lets get ready to begin to play the currently highest grossing free game on both markets.

What Is Rage Of Bahamut?

Rage of Bahamut in its most basic form is a Trading Card Game. You go “Questing” to collect multiple cards of all types. You can collect cards of the same type to “Evolve” them into stronger versions of the cards and you may use “Extras” or unwanted cards to “Enhance” one of your cards by making it stronger (Up to a certain point dictated by the card’s Rarity). Get involved with the community and join one of the many Guilds/Orders and participate in the “Holy Wars.” Finally don’t forget to take part in one of the many events that keep popping up from time to time!

What Is There To Do?

At first you will spend almost all of your time questing and leveling up. Questing is done in a fashion similar to almost all other games... You click a button until your quest is “Complete” and then you can move to the next. The spice here is that every 3 progressions you make in a row during a quest, you will be rewarded with a random card from the three factions or a piece of treasure. After you have built up a decent deck of cards from quests, you can try your hand at Battles to improve your battle ranking.

Battle Ranking?

Battle Ranking is your current “Rank” compared to the rest of the users, your rank at the end of the week is used to determine what amount of “Gems” you receive for your weekly prize (Usually calculated/distributed 1AM Monday). These gems can be used to purchase card packs which give you one random card of differing ranks, dependant on the number of gems paid. When you battle you receive “Honor Points”, these honor points determine your rank.

Man, Gods Or Demons?

A question asked by many people when they first start the game. When you create an account, you are asked whether you want to join the Man, the God, or the Demon faction. This has almost zero impact on your ability to interact with other people… All it really means is that if you have cards pertaining to your faction, they get a (5~10%) boost when battling. God cards are usually defensive, Demon cards are usually offensive and Man cards are usually balanced… There are some pretty obvious deviators to this definition but for the most part this is the norm for the factions.


Events and Holy Wars are the most important things to look out for in Rage of Bahamut. Events are usually done solo and are the fastest way to get stronger in the game with the exception of using real money to buy cards. Events usually involve battling others for items to complete sets to unlock rare cards and doing a large amount of “Event Quests” that may or may not have special rules tied to them. Event Quest prizes are usually much better than normal quest prizes.

Orders and Holy Wars?

If you feel that you can hold your own or are just looking for a piece of the community, look for an order, any order. Orders are like guilds, clans, or teams, often very friendly and looking to help each other out since everyone benefits when the clan does well. You can often tell how active an order is by seeing their posts and how many updates it gets before a holy war in their forum and donations. Holy Wars are essentially an all out Weekend Clan War where clans are pitted against other clans for brief periods of time. Battling members of your opposing clan nets you both Honor Points AND Holy War Points (Individual and Clan Holy War Points). If you feel you are not strong enough to take anyone on, you may do damage to the enemy clan’s wall and still earn some Holy War Points.

In game I am RonjaNoku, My Referral Code is mlh42940. If you put this in when you first log in/do your tutorial, you will be given a fair amount of beginning items to give you a pretty decent head-start. Always keep progressing and getting stronger cards, don't be ashamed to check the Rage Of Bahamut Wiki and remember, have fun!


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