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5 Reasons to Participate in Pub Quiz

Updated on January 21, 2020
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I and my husband have been participating in pub quizzes for more than 4 years. We've analyzed this sphere to run our own intellectual game.

Reasons for Coming to Pub Quiz
Reasons for Coming to Pub Quiz

Intellectual Quiz Participants' Motivational Factors

Analyzing, why people participate in pub game and voluntarily strain their brains, will be very useful for both the participants themselves and the organizers of intellectual entertainment.

1. Demonstrating Cleverness as the Reason to Go to Quiz Night

Not all participants of intellectual battles admit that the main motivation for their game is to demonstrate their intelligence to society. However, this factor is one of the key ones in deciding to participate in the game.

A pub quiz is one of the best ways to show others how smart you are. More than 100 people join each game. And therefore, your brilliant guesses and logical reasoning will find their viewer and be appreciated.

2. Competitiveness Among the Teams in Pub Quiz

At the same time, the reason for repeated participation lies in the desire to defeat rivals, passion and competitiveness. It is this reason that makes the majority of regular participants weekly sacrifice various plans in favour of going to the game.

Solving tasks, the teams enter into a friendly, but still competition. Even experienced teams admit: sometimes they come not just to relax, but to play to win, especially when their old rivals are next to them.

3. Communicational Needs of Intellectual Trivia's Players

The next factor is the person's need for communication. Communication with the rest of the team and the organizers becomes the reason for visiting games for most of the participants.

The bar has always a relaxed atmosphere. The tables of the teams are littered with plates and glasses, the DJ launches something fashionable during the performance of tasks, and the pub quiz leader can afford to joke about the teams. Questions are read by professional party leaders or even invited stars.

4. Gifts for Winners as Incentive to Go to Game

Naturally, an important incentive is the desire to receive a gift for a prize. However, most teams are ready to neglect a valuable prize in exchange for high-quality interesting questions and an original format. For example, many organizers of quiz provide participants with a bunch of parsley or a bottle of champagne as a gift. So regular participants have an enormous amount of these bottles and don't know what to do with them. But these quizzes are still visited by a larger number of players than quizzes with more valuable prizes.

Pub Quiz Winners
Pub Quiz Winners

5. Educational Component of Quiz Events

Tasks of bar games are focused on wide horizons. As a rule, they are based not on ancient history or painting, but on films and music close to guests. The main requirement of the quiz is the maximum variety of tasks, each round should have its own format. But despite the generally uncomplicated level, brain battles can indeed fulfil an educational function, even for experienced players.

However, this factor acquires significance only in conjunction with the rest. In the modern world, there are many other ways to obtain knowledge, and they can be completely free. Therefore, in the absence of communicative and competitive components, the desire to receive new information would not play a decisive role.

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Intellectual Community of Team Members

In each city where bar quizzes are actively held, a unique community of team representatives is formed over several years. Internet communications in the form of social networks allow each member of this community to become more familiar with other participants. Often, the relationship between several teams develops into a friendship. There are many examples where relationships between team members led to marriage.

Thus, the organizers of quiz not only provide the population with a useful and pleasant pastime but form a special way of life among the participants of intellectual competitions.

What Else Can You Get From the Participation in Trivia Battle

Let’s take a look at the work of the squad team from a different angle. All team members have a common goal–to become a winning team, but at the same time, everyone is trying to minimize losses on the way to this goal.

This situation can be compared with doing business. The main goal of the leader and each employee is the successful development of the company, however, to achieve this goal, everyone seeks to invest as little as possible.

Both the team captain in the intellectual battle and the owner of the company should promote team values ​​and inspire participants and employees to work together to achieve the mission. But when it is required to make a strategic decision, they turn to the most experienced and competent team members in a particular issue.

The actions of participants in various gaming situations objectively reflect their possible reaction in similar situations at work. So, observing the members of the team, their chief can draw certain conclusions about the advisability of admitting one or another person to his business team.

Self–Esteem of Quiz Team's Member

The game allows for high–quality self–esteem. For example, a team captain, depending on how successfully he can distribute responsibilities among group members, use team discussion, make the most appropriate decision, can judge whether his leadership abilities meet the necessary level for taking a leadership position.

The Thoughts of Trivia's Participants
The Thoughts of Trivia's Participants

Smart Competition for Business Goals

Companies spend huge amounts of money on organizing team building events. But with the advent of bar game, the only thing you need is to send a group of employees to an intellectual and entertaining quiz and watch the growth of the effectiveness of your team.

No matter how useful your training is, no matter how relevant and interesting the topic of your conference is, keeping the attention of your guests for more than 4 hours in a row is difficult and tiring for both the organizers and the participants.

Therefore, it's better to alternate blocks of business and entertainment programs. This will not only increase the productivity of your work but also increase the loyalty of your guests. That's why it's a very good idea to add intellectual battle to corporate training.


Summing up, every person at least once in a lifetime needs to try playing in the intellectual quiz. Having done this, he can learn new interesting facts, test his intellectual abilities and become a part of the quizzers' community. Where else can he try himself as a leader without any consequences and serious responsibility?

Hope, you have enjoyed reading this article! Waiting for your questions and comments.


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