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What To Look For In A Camera - Digital Photography For Dummies

Updated on June 7, 2010

Digital Photography For Dummies: What To Look For In A Camera

 Photography is now one of the most popular hobbies in the world.  People enjoy photography because it’s fun and a great way to express yourself and your emotions.  Whatever your plans may be, of course the first step is for you to get out there and buy your first digital camera.  There are certain digital photography for dummies tips that will be very helpful to you here.

 There are thousands of makes and models of digital camera to choose from, making it hard for the average person and especially a newcomer to photography to know which to choose.  First, set a budget for yourself.  This is the best place to get started because then you know what your price range is and which cameras fit into it, significantly narrowing down the selection.  There’s no point in looking through a selection of the more advanced and expensive cameras if you’re not able to afford them anyway.

 The amount of megapixels offered on a camera is unfortunately one of the features that most shoppers consider as being most important when this is actually not the case.  While the first digital camera had just one megapixel and this was thought to be impressive, these days cameras have up to 7 megapixels and some even more but more is not always better.  It’s usually best to stick to cameras with around five megapixels because once you start going any larger than that the pictures are just going to end up taking up a lot of unnecessary space on your memory cards and computer.  Always check to see what you get included with the camera.

 In a lot of cases, and this is one of the most important digital photography tips for dummies to help you save money, you will get a carrying case, memory card or other accessory along with purchase of a camera.  You also want to look at the zoom offered on any digital camera before buying.  The zoom on a camera is what makes or breaks it, no matter what style of photography you’re interested in.  Always read reviews before going to buy a digital camera or any accessories.

 These are reviews given by past consumers, shoppers just like you, who have purchased and used a camera you’re interested in.  You can learn more about all the details of the camera and make the smartest decision on whether or not you think it’s a worthy buy for you.  Depending on what type of photography you’re planning on getting into and how serious you are about this whole thing, a lower or higher end model may be more suitable for you.  The prices of digital cameras have dropped significantly since the release of the very first, but with the average priced at a few hundred dollars this is still an investment.


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