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What are good YuGiOh! Combos YGO

Updated on July 22, 2009

Wanna find out about good YuGiOh combos?

What are good YuGiOh! Combos?

Yugioh is a very well established game, and has a fairly small ban-list compared to other games like Magic: the gathering. That means you have well over 3000 cards to choose from for a 40 cards deck. A new set of about 100 cards come out once every three month, a structure/starter deck plus some kind of duelist pack comes out about twice a year, also games with special promos at least once a year. So, there are lots of new cards coming at you all the time. The point of this? A lot of somewhat useless cards can suddenly become amazing. Think about Sea Koala, Rescue Cat and Lord Poison. When they first came out, they were ok, but not that good. Now, with some new supports, Rescue Cat has dominated the OCG for the past year (and most of them also run Sea Koala). So when thinking about YuGiOh combos, do not automatically assume some of the old cards won’t help.

Back to the main point of this, what makes a good YuGiOh combo? Quick answer, whatever that helps you win! What helps you win? Either take your opponent’s life point to zero, or gain your advantage over them, so you can take their life point to zero later!

Therefore, there are two main types of combos. Combo 1: OTK (one turn kill), combo 2: advantage gain (field or cards presences).

OTK combos

Something that allows for you to take 8000 life points off your opponent in one turn providing certain conditions are met. Usually involves you having a few specific cards, and your opponent not having anything to stop it. It can be from any combinations of battle and burn damage. Some of the best examples with the current meta game are:

Use Judgment Dragon’s effect to clear field, summon another one and a Lumina, then discard a card to get something else back with over 1000 atk and you attack for win.

You need 3 specific cards plus one random card, Or just a Beckoning Light and 4 cards with the required Monsters in grave. You opponent needs to have no Necro Gardna or chainable traps / spell that can stop the first dragon and no Gorz in hand.

Use Summoner Monk to get another, then get a Rescue Cat. Tribute the Cat for two Airbellums and synchro into two Dark Strike Fighters. Attack for 5200. Then tribute both for 2800 damage. You need one specific card, two random spells and one Summoner monk and two Airbellum in deck (Pot of Avarice would be very useful).Your opponent’s field needs to be pretty much empty.

Use Advanced Ritual Art to get Demise when dropping two mechanical chasers. Destroy the field. Then summon Black Salvo and get one mechanical chaser back. Synchro into Dark Strike Fighter. Attack with both then burn for game. You need to have 3 specific cards, same condition for opponent as the Judgment Dragon ones.

You would find dedicated OTK decks don’t do particularly well in general. This is because if you mess up that one turn, you would be hard pushed to win. Therefore it is in general good to have the OTK as an extra combo you could use in your deck instead of dedicating everything to it. Two Summoner Monks and Rescue Cats, plus three Airbellum is staple in most synchro decks anyway! Judgment Dragon, Lumina etc are again staple in any Lightsworn decks. Demise however you have to build specifically for.

Advantage gain combos

Depends on how big an advantage you are looking for really. The bigger the potential reward, the harder it is to achieve usually. Otherwise they usually get banned / limited.

Pot of Greed, instant plus one – banned

Troop Dupe, 5700 worth of damage with two cards, and could gain you three cards afterward – killed off by limiting Card Trooper.

Dimension Fusion, potentially gives you 5 monsters and none to your opponent – banned.

Dark Magician of Chaos with Monster Reborn, just a crazy combo in general, Dark Magician of Chaos banned.

So, what’s left? One card combo.. if you can call it that…

Judgment Dragon, by far the most broken card that is not even limited. Clears the whole field, stops people from investing on field presence and changed the whole trap / spell line up for most top competitors. A one card win combo! Potentially gives you a plus 10, and is very hard to kill in battle with 3000 atk.

Dark Armed Dragon, was so good that every top deck was running it. Limited to one makes it not as strong, but still pretty good. Potentially gives you a plus 3 and is hard to kill in battle.

Elemental hero Stratos, get an extra hero or destroy a few spell / traps.

Rescue Cat, tribute into two lv3 beasts, with an Airbellum, can swap for a lv6 synchro. Or use in Gladiator Beast deck for Samnite and Test Tiger.

Sangan, get a free card!

Multi-cards combos:

Summoner Monk plus a spell card can get you a Rescue Cat, Stratos, Snipe Hunter or Rose, Warrior of Revenge.

Destiny Draw and Destiny Hero Malicious. You get to thin your deck with a free lv6 summon for later.

Plaguespreader Zombie plus Goblin Zombie. Two cards into a Lv6 synchro plus another free Zombie. If they have a Zombie in grave, even better. Doomkaiser Dragon can steal it!

Soul exchange into a Monarch.

Elemental Hero Prisma plus Test Tiger into a Gyzarus.

Card of safe return with Lumina.

In general, reading the text of a card can tell you if it has potential. If a monster can destroy something for free, that’s a plus one. If a monster lets you get another card, a plus one again. You just need to figure out a deck that can utilise a lot of these to gain a huge advantage over your opponent. Just remember having 6 cards in hand against your opponent’s none does not mean you win the game! When thinking about advantages, do not let it be the only reason for putting cards in, you still need to think about your win conditions etc.

If you’re looking for some more great ways to create win conditions and other combo ideas, there’s an awesome YuGiOh! resource here.

I highly recommend you check it out :)


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