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What Do I Think About the Sims 4

Updated on February 1, 2020

It's no secret that traditionally transferring computer games to the console has always been a difficult task. A lot of things, specially designed for PC, refused to be transferred normally to the platform, which is arranged differently and uses a different management method. For this reason, I was very surprised when, three years after its release, Sims 4 decided to port it to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Why did the developer wait so long? Did he use this time to bring the port to mind, or was the delay caused by the uncertainty that something worthy would happen?

Sims 3 for the PlayStation 3 was the first game in the series that did not lose anything in terms of gameplay and content compared to the PC. This was not a special version - in it, almost everything remained unchanged, and the opinion about the port was positive. The controls were surprisingly well adapted for the controller, and only the frankly long loading screens freaked out. With Sims 4, the situation was supposed to get even better - after all, this game was designed from the very beginning to work even on weak computers. Given that the structure of current consoles is even closer to the PC than before, it is not surprising that this led to the game working very smoothly, not “stuttering” and not making the console suffer. The loading screens, although still tangible, are still better than their predecessors.

Unfortunately, something has become noticeably worse. Like many other ports of computer games, Sims 4 suffers from the apparent laziness of developers who did not think that the interface for the PC may be inconvenient for the console version. Recently, more and more studios (both large and small) have ignored this aspect, and instead of competently redesigning the management (and this can almost always be done with Diablo 3), they simply transfer the UI from the PC version without any changes. I could forgive this small Stardew Valley, but The Sims 4, from the release of which 3 years have passed? Here it’s harder to understand.

Indeed, when you turn on Sims 4 on the console, you get the feeling that you just connected the computer version to the TV. The text is so small that it is almost impossible to read, and you have to select actions with the aid of an awkward cursor. Despite the fact that I play on an impressive TV, the buttons on the screen remain very small, and in order to get to them, you need accuracy that can be worked out in hundreds of hours in shooters. Inattention was also noticeable to those who began to play the game immediately after the release. If you don’t download the latest patch, then Sims 4 has a serious problem with saves that stop working. I played on the latest version, which, it seems, fixed a bug. I can’t imagine why no one noticed such elementary problems. It is hoped that in future patches it will be possible to at least increase the size of the text.

As I mentioned, Sims 4 is a full version of the game, but not everything survived the move. While the console game is more complete than the release version on the PC, where there were no pools, no cellars, no small children, it still lacks one important aspect: the gallery. A gallery is a place where users can share their creations. Houses, rooms, sims and so on - all this can be easily shared on a PC, but for some reason, there is no such possibility on consoles. I can’t imagine what this is connected with. My if you love to build small houses, check Tiny Living pack. The rest is the same Sims 4 as everywhere else. The game includes some additions, but this is far from the most complete set. If you want to get all the possible packs, then you have to fork out. And this is felt: the game is clearly not enough all kinds of furniture and equipment.

As for the gameplay, then everything is very traditional. The player takes control of one or more sims - that is, people who live their own lives. It depends on the player what kind of person will turn out in character and ambition, and how he will live. Sims 4 focuses most on careers and emotions. If you want, you can create yourself. Or you can go back and create a character who looks like Boba Fett from Star Wars.

The sim editor has also never been so detailed. In fact, here, even before the start of the game, you can spend hours bringing every aspect of the character to the ideal. Skin color, tone of voice, intonation, character, ambition, outfits and temperament - all this can be customized. Each new character will be truly unique. Something has remained unchanged over the 17 years of the series. Each sim also has needs that affect his happiness and mood. The following moments affect the emotional state: communication, hunger, energy, leisure, hygiene and natural need. Each has its own scale. The less you follow the character, the worse it will feel. It is very funny to watch how a character changes his behavior depending on need: for example, if a sim plays chess and wants to use the toilet, then he will start to fidget. There are a lot of such examples.

Sims are also quite independent, and continue to be active even if left alone. Sometimes they do well, and sometimes something inside them breaks. For this reason, it is better not to forget the Sims for a long time, otherwise a real disaster can happen.


Sims 4 is a good version of the popular life simulator. No matter what you think of the whole series, she just had to visit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And, in principle, the port was a success. It is unfortunate that the developers did not apologize for the three-year wait by including all the add-ons for free, but thanks also for the fact that we received a non-vanilla version. The game works great on modern consoles, and I rarely came across serious bugs. Of course, this is not the best version, but for those who prefer to play on consoles, this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the last part of the famous franchise.


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