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What is Japanese Cosplay

Updated on July 17, 2009

Cosplay is a Japanese word that means "Costume Play" Japanese Cosplay is strictly done of anime and manga characters... however there is also American cosplay which includes cosplaying in areas of Horror, and SciFi.

I do NOT claim this image.. I'm unsure of it's original location.
I do NOT claim this image.. I'm unsure of it's original location.

Japanese Cosplay is a favorite activity for a lot of teens to young adults, dressing up like their favorite anime or manga character, and sometimes (depending on the cosplay) even acting like them.

There are two different kinds of Japanese cosplay, one is more basic while the other dives a bit more into a depth that's harder to portray. There is Basic cosplay and Masquerade. Basic Japanese cosplay is on the surface, all you do is dress up like your favorite anime or manga character and look like them. Masquerade goes into Japanese cosplay at a different level where the people actually try to act like their anime or manga characters... which includes both good costume and acting in such a way to resemble the anime or manga Japanese cosplay character they are trying to portray.

Japanese Cosplay Conventions

In Japanese consplay there are people who play casual cosplay with friends and others who go to organized events, functions.. like conventions where there are Japanese cosplay contests. People who are the best in the Japanese cosplay contests can gain great popularity and respect among the other Japanese cosplayers.

Most Japanese cosplayers, especially those who go to organized events are very serious about their cosplaying and Japanese cosplay costumes. Looking just right to match the character they are trying to portray is a must.

With Japanese cosplay quickly growing among all ages cosplay costumes and accessories are also spreading like wild fire. Entire stores are dedicated to Japanese cosplay costumes... online cosplay stores are also becoming more readily available to all.

Owner: Unknown...
Owner: Unknown...

Japanese Cosplay Costumes

Most Japanese cosplayers buy their constumes at these ever so quickly growing Japanese cosplay costume stores but a few cosplayers still make theri own Japanese cosplay costumes. Making these costumes, especially to really resemble and look the best to the specified anime or manga character take a lot of time and money... cosplaying is very expensive, or can get that way for a lot of serious cosplayers.

Making your own Japanese cosplay costume takes dedication and a lot of running around to find the right items and a lot of research for referencing the costume and anime or manga character themselves. Cosplayers put a lot into their hobby, not only of their time and money but a lot of themselves in their amazing cosplaying work.


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    • profile image

      holly martin. 5 years ago

      i was reading this and yes it hard to find the right stuff for cosplays.. i have to make all the ones i do. it can get stressful alot of the time too.

    • Cam Anju profile image

      Cam Anju 8 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      Thank you for stoping by dohn121!

      I'm glad you found this helpful, sounds like characters my little brother would choose too! :)

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Thanks again, Cam for filling me in on something I was otherwise ignorant about.  Very interesting.  If I had to choose to cosplay one of my childhood characters, it would have to be either Voltron or Trasformers, maybe G.I.Joe and in that case, I would dress up as Storm Shadow who everyone despises!  If I were to do it today, it would have to be Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion!