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What type size of regulation snooker balls come with snooker billiards tables?

Updated on December 6, 2011


One of the most common questions that people often ask when buying a new snooker table is “what are the differences between balls and ball sizes on the market today?”

There are a few different sizes and types of balls out on the market and most are made up of a resin called Phenolic Resin. They are made out of fibreglass which then has Phenolic resin added to it and put under extreme heat and pressure in a mould which gives a smooth glass finish and hardwearing ball that is ideal for the game of snooker as any imperfections in the ball can result in bad game play.

Snooker balls are known to be smaller than pool balls the regulation ones stand at 52.5mm or 2-1/15 inches approx.

The most  common type of snooker ball ,that comes supplied with home or domestic  use tables or for example  snooker tables which have  MDF beds are 2-1/8 inches approx 54mm, but can also come the same size as pool balls which are 2-1/4 inches or 57.2 mm approx.

Most snooker and pool tables on the market today will state which shape or style of balls they are compatible with, as this depends on the size of pockets which are on the unit.

When looking to purchase snooker balls, make sure that you check that they are compatible with your table and the pocket sizing or ball return you have on your table. 

Most snooker tables on the market will give the size of the snooker balls supplied; this is very helpful when choosing a table and is worth keeping a note of should you later need to replace these.

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