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What you can expect to see from Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 .

Updated on May 10, 2012


Well... I have noticed a LOT of hubs popping around about the Black Ops two predictions that will be coming out, what people hope to see, and what they would like to have in the new game. So I have done a little research and will deliver what I expect, and think will come about. Also would like to note, that I will provide a good amount of hubs about the zombies strategies, and the multi player strategies that you continue to look at for Modern Warfare 3.

The game

Ok guys so FIRST off Zombies mode.
There has been a lot of speculation of whether or not there would be a zombies game considering the fact that in the Black ops version Zombies ended on the moon when you completed the last Easter Egg and blew up the earth. Now if you could actually complete the Easter Eggs for each game level then you would CLEARLY know that each map set the next up and ended with moon. Although it is confirmed by Treayrch's studio hear Mark Lamia that if you enjoyed the zombies modes from black ops, then you will really enjoy the new zombies in Black Ops 2.
So now let me speculate on what the new zombies will be like. I feel we will see some new weapons as always, which will do nothing short of impress everyone. Also I think that we will see the Easter Eggs continue. Some possible story endings or continuations... Well 1 could be that the character who blew up the earth could be blamed as the Russian, and blew the wrong planet up, and the game takes a turn back towards earth. 2- You could see zombies taking a turn into the four main characters getting onto a transporter, and getting transferred to a space station that is similar to the down stairs of the Pentagon on 5, filled with turns, and different rooms. 3- They escape to a space ship, and end up landing on another planet/moon/earth for the continuation of the game.

Either way we will see a continuation of the game zombies that we all love, just how far it gets continued is still not known yet.

THE GAMEPLAY - Well in my opinion as far as the appearance I see Black Ops 2 setting itself apart from the rest by appearance. In my personal opinino there was much more for you to do in the Black Ops 1 pre game settings than in MW3. You could view where you shoot people the most, full statistics without logging out of the game, and changing into the elite.

Speaking of Elite. I don't know if it has been officially confirmed, but all signs point to an elite setting for Black Ops 2 similar to MW3. The reason I say this is because of the features that will be similar from MW3. LIKE the prestige tokens. Gamestop is already saying that if you pre-order now you will get an extra Prestige Token. Also with the amount of success that MW3 had with their elite service they will probably be having that in Black Ops 2 as well. This is at this point not confirmed I don't think, but I see no reason why they won't put that on.

Another key feature I see coming into the game will be the map packs. Unlike MW3 who promised so many maps and changed their projected outcome so many times, I see Treyarch sticking with a solid amount of maps and gameplay each month to make that elite service worth it for those of you who will buy it.

I can honestly say that the zombies maps alone will most likely make it worth buying the service.

The Weapons

There has been a good amount of speculation suggesting what will come about of the the weapons on the new Black Ops. I have heard rumors from advanced weapons, to current weapons, to past weapons, to futuristic weapons. Now I can say that I like the idea of current, and advanced weapons as I think that it will bring a new curve to the game. I do not want to see Call Of Duty taking a turn towards the Halo franchise though, especially with Halo 4 coming out around the same time. I think that you will see hopefully a mix of weapons, including a lot of the weapons we have come to love in the COD franchise, along with some new innovations that are being brought about in the world.

Back to gameplay

Another point about the game play I would like to talk about is the multiplayer. Lets face it although the game itself has a great single player, I don't think I have played a solid full solo single player by myself since Call Of Duty 4. But I will still do spec ops, or play the missions with friends. But as far as multiplayer game modes, I see all the modes that we are used to being brought back. I also hear of a strategy 4v4 type game play coming out that would be similar to Battlefield's game play where you will focus strongly on team strategies. I also hear of rumors that shooting explosives, and last stand may not make an appearance to start i most game modes on Black Ops 2, which would be great.

The money System

If you remember from black ops 1, there was that specialized money system where you earned money, could gamble it, or use it to unlock those special attachments. It worked on Black Ops, but there were some flaws.. So I assume that the whole system will not be brought back exactly like it was on the first game mode. Although I think it would be great if they do bring back some sort of system for you to use the money system for gambling. I think that was fun, and brought about game modes like Gun Game, One in the Chamber, and Sticks and Stones. Those I would love to see in the new game, similar to how they brought community playlists in on MW3. I think that would be a great innovation to add to the game, and would make a lot of people happy including myself.


I have many more opinion of what should, or should not be brought into the game. But they are speculations on my opinion, and probably won't make it. But above you see what I think will or won;t be on the game.

I will say that, I will get the game at midnight, and have my first guide up within 24 hours of release, along with comprehensive guides on all the zombies maps, multiplayer game modes, strategies for winning, the best weapons, and the ins and outs of the game. I will try to have this information early on so it helps you the best it can for the entire game. If you have comments please post them below, and I will also comment back, also questions will be answered. Thanks for reading.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      No problem, and many more blacks ops 2 hubs to come about in the coming months when things get leaked, and when the game gets released, I posted a response to the BO question where you posted it.

    • mw3fanatic1 profile image

      mw3fanatic1 5 years ago

      hey i completly forget about ur black ops page so i posted my comment on ur mw3 page sorry man