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What is the difference between snooker, billiard and pool tables?

Updated on November 25, 2011

What is the difference between snooker and pool tables?

Well the first differences on the tables are the size and layouts on the table bed.

Tournament pool tables are a size of 9 feet where as Snooker tables stand at a size of 12 feet.
The way the pockets are designed are also very different to each other,

Below is an image of a Pool table pocket – Notice how the cushions point direct into the pocket.

Now compare it to a Snooker Table pocket – Notice how the edges of the pocket are rounded.

Also the markings on the table will be different. Pool tables will have one dot at the head of the table this is where the white ball will be placed for the break. The white ball can also be placed behind the imaginary line which is in line with this Dot.

On a snooker table there will be a D at the Bottom of the table (which is referred to as the head of the table in pool). The Red balls will be placed at the Top end of the table and the numbered or colored balls will sit in specific spots on the table.

Thomas Staton - Is a Snooker Table and Pool Table expert

Pool Table Pocket
Pool Table Pocket
Snooker Table Pocket
Snooker Table Pocket


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