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What's the Fascination with LED's

Updated on January 6, 2014

Are They Really Better?

Originally used as replacements for incandescent indicators, LED Lights offer numerous benefits over traditional light sources including lower energy consumption, smaller size and greater durability. As a result, LED lights have become increasingly widespread among today’s most practical applications. Today, LED Lights appear in everything from brake lights and status indicators to glow sticks and strobe lights.

LED Lights in addition to a low wattage and compact size are easily capable of dimming and brightening very quickly. This is unlike many traditional lighting sources that pulls more power and doesn't achieve full brightness nearly as quickly as LED Rope Lights. The on/off potential let LED Lights to go from off to full brightness in microseconds, making them a perfect tool for traffic lights, brake lights, street signs and even TV's. The use of these lights have shown great enhancements in overall driver and passenger safety, because you actually have more time to react to street signals or oncoming brake lights.

LED's can enhance anything.
LED's can enhance anything.

But What Can You Do?

Another reason why LED Lights rock is because they present some unique stylistic benefits that are not offered by incandescent lamps or other earlier predecessors. For example, thanks to newer and faster technologies, LED Lights can form much thinner lighting strips, which makes them great for indoor/outdoor decorating, limousine lighting, glow sticks, dynamic stadium displays, Christmas lights and much, much more! Perhaps the most innovative and inspiring way to use these thin LED Lights is to team up with EL Wire for homemade costume designs. You don’t even need any special skills or unique fashion sense to create these one-of-a-kind outfits. Simply purchase some durable, permanent fabric glue from your local craft store, and you’ll be ready to begin the fun and easy process of gluing your LEDS Lights to almost any clothing material.

Other places you will start to see LED's are throughout aquarium tanks because of the low power consumption, has very little heat created even when on full brightness. This helps tanks achieve optimal temperatures without having to adjust power in the opposite direction. They can be manually adjusted for brightness and colors depending on the different creatures you place in your tank. LED Lights are not going anywhere over the next few decades because they blow away the competition in terms of being environmentally friendly, energy efficient and have a multitude of uses.


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