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When to Dodge a Ranked Game in League of Legends Solo Queue?

Updated on December 29, 2015
A picture of myself getting promoted to diamond!
A picture of myself getting promoted to diamond! | Source

If you are a regular ranked player in League of Legends (LoL) solo queue, you probably hate when someone dodges the game right before the game is about to start and makes you requeue to join a new game. These people are often abusing the dodging function in LoL, but sometimes, they do have legit reasons to dodge. Many people dodge for trolling teammates, so you should avoid dodging and let your teammates dodge first. Reasons that you should be dodging for:

  • Attack Damage (AD) team comp & no Ability Power (AP) on your team
  • Best champions are banned and/or taken by your enemy team
  • Preferred roles are taken

Attack Damage Team Comp

Attack damage team comp means that your entire team is going to be AD and does mainly physical damage. An example of full AD team comp would be Zed (mid), Renekton (top), Xin Zhao (jungle), Thresh (bottom), and Caitlyn (bottom). This may sound like a good team comp, but it is a dead end when your enemy team stacks armor for late game. All they really need is one item to annihilate your team, and that is Zhonya's Hourglass. Zhonya's provides 120 ability power and 50 armors to a champion with a unique active of being invulnerable for 2.5 seconds (1). This item would definitely counter Zed no matter how ahead Zed is because he cannot burst down the champion that has Zhonya's. Thus, it is a wise decision to dodge the game when your team lacks AP champions because it's almost impossible to win in late game.

Champions are Banned and/or Taken

If your main champion is Lee Sin, for example, you are out of luck because Lee Sin's ban rate is 27% (during 10/2014) and has a popularity of 33% (2). This means that Lee Sin is either picked or banned in roughly about 60% of your games. In other words, you can almost expect that 1 out of 2 games you would not be able to pick Lee Sin. It might be ideal to dodge some games once in a while in such situations, especially if you can't pick your preferred champions and are not comfortable with the other champions.

Roles are Taken

If you are unlucky sometimes, you might be the 5th pick of a ranked game, which means last pick. A person who picks last will usually have to fill. By filling, I mean that your favorite or best roles are usually taken and you are forced into the remaining role. In most cases, you are left with support if you are last pick. It might be a smart choice to dodge this game if you are not in the mood to play support or fill.

Consequences of Dodging

Dodging may sounds bad, but it is necessary sometimes; however, there are penalties for dodging a ranked game. Dodging a game will cost you three league points and prevent you from queuing another game for 5 minutes 30 seconds. Additional penalty will be given as you dodge again within 16 hours (3). So think twice before you dodge a ranked game!

This is what happens when someone dodges a game.
This is what happens when someone dodges a game. | Source

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    • Stephen Chen profile image

      Newchibba 3 years ago from Oakland

      You got to understand in LCS, it's an arranged team where they have some sorta of skype program where they can talk about it and make arrangements, but I am talking about solo queue not team. In diamond solo queue games, you often lose when your entire team is ad due to no excessive magic damage. It's really easy to stack armour to be honest.

      Also, most people who plays zed mid thinks is fun, but they never thought about the team comp. This is the main reason why zed has a low winning rate in plat/diamond.

    • CidoCido profile image

      Aivaras 3 years ago from Lithuania

      Full AD composition is not even close to be considered as a reason to dodge games. There were dozens of LCS and WC games in which teams took 4 AD champs (and a support).

      You face only one problem when playing as full AD comp. - mid game. It's a period when your team doesn't have much armor penetration (because it is usually stacked later) but your opponents might have gathered a decent amount of armor. But when you pass 35 minute mark all of your teammates already have enough armor penetration and you experience no difficulties in fighting as full AD comp.

      This rule can only be applied to full AP comps. If you have no AD champions in your team, you either win in 25 mins or you lose the game...